Weird PC Behaviour - All help appreciated

Hey guys, I have been trying to fix my computer for ages, but nothing seems to be working.

Specs: Intel Sandy i5 2500
16 GB Corshair Vegence
Asus P77 PRO
Nvidia GTX 670
Coolermaster Cooler
Antec DF-35 Case
Antec 650W PSU

So I have recently replaced everything in my pc apart from the Hard Drive and disc drive and CPU. The problem is, every time I restart windows can't boot. I have absolutley no idea on what is wrong. If I start a destructive recovery, I manage to get on, and after my pc automatically restarts to install ASUS drivers, it works, but over night (my motherboard glows green) and I wake up and it doesn't work.

Some things that stand out:
My PSU is connected to the GPU via one rail that ha two PCIs on it.
Windows in not legit and taken from an advent machine/recovery disc.
I have wires running in contact to my PSU, but they are coated, so I don't think it is a short circuit.
I got the blue screen with hardware failure at some point once.
The pre launch diagnostic solves nothing - the only thing that stands out is: Repair Action: System integrity check and repair: Failed Error = 0x490

All help is appreciated - I am one move away from going to a tech :'(
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  1. Has this PC ever worked properly in the past with the same Advent Recovery Disc installation ?
  2. Yep, it worked properly. I have now changed the motherboard, so maybe I should buy a new copy of windows?
  3. No you don't need a new copy of Windows. Everything should be on your HDD already.

    Do you have a Windows 7 CD ? you will need to do a start up repair from Win 7 recovery options
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