Upgrade 350 PII to 600 PIII worthy???

Hey...i own the ASUS P2BF. It seems it supports max. the Katmai 600. It´s worth the performance jump from a 350 PII to a 600 Katmai?? Or should i go f. a new board, i would prefer a BX chipset,cause it seems to be very stable...
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  1. As I know, P2B-F will support up to P-III 850E CPU! (FSB 100Mhz). And may be higher.

    Anyway, 600Mhz is much better then 350Mhz. So you don't need to change your mobo. BX is good.
  2. I think you ae wrong. the p2bf must have a special build no. to run coppermines, my board has the wrong number. so i only can run katmai proc (512 / 2.0 cpu voltage)...bad...
  3. get a slotkey and get a p3 600 fcpga

    ABIT BP6 + ATI RADEON 32MB DDR RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I just tried to up grade my Packard Bell Platinum 7800 from a p2 350 to a p3 600 on a bx 440 and it needs a different Bios. both were or had a 512 l2 cache and I was told it would work but it shows up in my maitenance program as a p2 500 for some reason and will not run.
  5. why?? i get can get a slot1 cpu!
  6. type of mainboard???

    ask your seller...

    ps: windows sometimes reports wrong cpu types,cause older versions don´t know the PIII just the PII....
  7. Puckard Hell?! throw it from window!

    All i can give you is the truth. Nothing more.
  8. My manual saya it is a 440 BX by intel . The Packard Bell Co. says it is a PB870. It is a slot one and the processor is a 600mz 512 L2 100 front side at 2.05 volts not a coppermine and should work but it doesn't . I was told no BIOS update for this model so does any one want a processor cheap lol lol
  9. You said it right but if I did throw it out just think of all the fun I would miss trying to get it right . lol lol lol
  10. I would say just upgrade your processor.

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  11. okay,this seems t be a nome name board or a cheap one build by Pac. Bell themselves or so???

    all information i have on bx boards the proc you have MUST run.

    perhaps it´s defective or so.....(??)
  12. Why doesn't anyone tell you the correct answers?

    Here are all the answers you need: -

    In order for first generation 440BX to use P3, you must UPGRADE the BIOS, assuming your mobo manufacturer was not lazy to create one. They know they should and if they didn't let me know so that I would remember not to buy them. For reasons like SSE implementation stuff like that.

    Then I would not buy a P3-whatever with L2 cahce of 512k because they are external = half CPU speed at 64bit wide. runs at 2V

    Buy those with Internal 256K cache because full CPU speed and 256bit wide. runs at 1.5V

    Get one of those socket-370 to slot-1 convertor card with voltage controls from 1.5V to 2.0V for overclocking.

    This are all you need to know.

    Best regards
  13. And you also need to know this: -

    Even only for games, it is difficult to say because P2-448 is slow, it will never be able to allow the GTS2 to perform up to max performance and sort of makes it a bottleneck.

    This is not true, but serves as a simple description, you can see from toms previous articles that alot of games benefits from both CPU and graphics card upgrade.

    I am thinking since CPU gives performance boost to everything and could increase your V7700 a hell lot (from p2-448 to p3-800) then upgrading the CPU should be the first choice.

    Think of it as everything you do no matter games or whatever will be faster.

    Instead of only games which you cannot enjoy the full benefit of the powerful GTS2

    Best regards

    I forgot to mention, your BX chipset only runs AGP2x, which is 66Mhz times 2 into 133Mhz.

    the new card you want can run at AGP4x, = 266Mhz. you should mind as well the change the MOBNO, and upgrade the HDD to ATA100, 7200rpm, only cost around $100

    and since you might change mobo get one of those DDR PC-2100 that runs at 266Mhz, but this calls for CPU change from Intel P3 to AMD Athlon/Duron, its your choice at the end

    Saying that, assuming your Gigabyte BX can run at FSB133, then your AGP will run at 89Mhz and then times 2 = 178Mhz, this will give you a big boost, not to mention with the help of PC133 at 7ns C2.

    My old Asus P2B succesully runs at FSB133, good luck to you.

    But AGP178Mhz, is still a waste if you can't use the full benefit of AGP266Mhz.

    Best regards

    one last thing, the price of GTS2 Pro

    could be used to buy
    1) A new MOBO with DDR chipset, with ATA100,
    2) 128MB of DDR PC2100,
    3) plus an AMD Athlon/Duron CPU around 900Mhz or 1000Mhz.

    I would go for 3 items instead of one, and since your V7700 can run at AGP4x (I think) then you would benefit from a hell lot instead of just GTS2 Pro

    Your V7700 on the new mobo with DDR with K7 core cpu will kick ass and you will enjoy the performance of the V7700 like never before.

    Best regards

    Edited by fcchin on 01/12/01 06:59 AM.

    Best regards
  14. the P2B (F) as you designate ..requires only board rev 1.00 and current bios for PIII processors. The original P2B requires a more recent rev and current bios to support PIII processors. The thing that limits BX boards more than a bios upgrade is a voltage regulator than can supply the lower voltage requirements of the PIII processor. Without this, the only way to run one is with an adapter that has it's own VR that takes the voltage from the mb and regulates it. Don't mistake this for the PIII slocket adapters that have jumper settings for PIII voltage. It's different.

    ***Hey I run Intel... but let's get real***
  15. ooohh, i heard from such adapters..but (here in germany) i asked dealers for it,but they do´t have one.

    must search for it...how much costs one ??
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