P4 1.5G or K7 1.2G is the fastest????

P4 1.5G or K7 1.2G is the fastest????
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  1. Welcome to the Forum.

    You are really starting out with a bang.
  2. This will be quite dependant on the software you have.

    From what I've seen, some current SSE software runs very fast on the 1.5 GHz P4.

    But in the most part, due to unoptimized software, the 1.2 GHz Athlon is generally able to best the 1.5 GHz P4.
  3. oh for crying out loud... I'm spent, I can't... go... on... with... this... topic... no... more... ugh...:(

    seriously kitkit, spend the 20 second it takes to look, and you'll see the three gazillion threads on that topic... all without conclusion, and most degenerating into flames & fights... sorry, but most of us are seriously tired of this topic...
    the simplest answer is to check tom's 4 reviews on the mainsite. More accurately, there is no simple answer, it depends what you use it for, how much money do you have, which kind of applications do you want to measure, and are we talking about applications here now or the ones which will come in the future, in which case you have to try to predict other hardware available at that time etc... ugh... just a big mess:(
  4. heh, we all posted at the same time:)
    I thought I was gonna be the first, but my post took to long to type:)
  5. I want play game or online game....the graphic is the best
  6. details kitkat... the devil's in the details...:)

    otherwise all we can do is point you to the nearest compaq/IBM/HP dealer... and we don't wanna do that! :) :smile:
  7. I'm with you.
    I just can't take it anymore.
  8. I do suggest:

    AMD Athlon 750 Mhz - 1.2 Ghz Processor - Cheaper (don't want to discuss if better) than Intel Processors

    Abit, IWill or Asus mobo (Via KT133, Via KT133A or AliMagik 1 chipset)

    128-256 Mb of PC133 Brand Name cas 2 SDRAM or DDR-RAM if motherboard supports it (I do suggest Crucial or Mushkin brands)

    nVidia Geforce 2 GTS, Geforce 2 Pro or Geforce 2 Ultra graphics cards (I think Guillemot, ELSA, Asus and Creative are good brands); if you are on a tight budget you could buy a Geforce 2 MX, but I think a Power Color Evil Kyro is a better choice

    7200 RPM Ultra DMA 100 hard disk drive (IBM, Maxtor, Fujitsu...) - 30 GB is enough...

    Toshiba whatever high-speed CDROM drive

    Sound Blaster Live! - whatever model, or Guillemot MaxiSound

    Good 2.1 speakers, cause you're not likely to make profit from 5.1 speakers, it's up to you

    Good case with 300W Power Supply - it's easy to spot a good case

    19' Monitor - I do suggest NEC FE 950 - love it, but it's not mine (remember it will last for your next computer)

    Acer mechanical keyboard

    Logitech cordless optical mouse (or get a Microsoft one, they've got life warranty, but people report they are crap, you can have a new mouse every year though)

    Ratpadz mouse surface

    Even if you want to use it for gaming, you could get it with a 12x Toshiba DVD-ROM drive (I know Pioneer are faster, but I do hate slot-in drives, and Toshiba work better with scratched or copy protected CD's); another must is a CDRW drive - for example... the Plextor 12/10/32A

    If you want to game online, you could get a crappy 56k modem or get cable or DSL from a local provider

    Please give us a budget and where you live
  9. your post is reasonable enough, try as I might, I only found one thing to comment on:)

    >> Pioneer are faster, but I do hate slot-in drives

    actually the models I've seen come in both slot-in and tray versions, so if that's the only issue, you can choose:)
  10. Cordless optical mouse?!!?!!!!!

    I'd like to see that :)
  11. KitKit
    This will be a very long string, seems many people like to comment, on one hand you have the AMD people who will say T-Birds have 200mz FSB, better processor ect ect, but they do get hot, very hot if you dont pay attention to the basics, like mounting the sink and fan correctly, Then you have the Intel people who will tell you that the P4 with SSE technology will kill anything those people at AMD can come up with, crack a buds, sit back and read, cause there will be a lot of posts
  12. There is a cordless optical mouse???? Are you kidding??? Wow I'd like to get one...BTW, Abit or Asus? I'm a heavy entertainment guy (movies, games, graphical shits,etc.)
  13. As are certain members (do I smell smoke?)
  14. I think Logitech make a cordless optical mouse. I prefer the one with the chord...it has a nice blue light so you can find your mouse in the dark. The optical sensor stuff works really well too.

  15. All right, I don't know if there are cordless optical mice, but they would be cool if they existed...
  16. there are, Logitech makes them. I forget what they're called, freedom navigators or some such cheesy name... you can get combo with wireless keyboard/optical mouse... neat:)

    as for the p4/AMD topic... I'm not going there at a gunpoint no more:)

    seriously kitkat, read the posts from a week ago, its not THAT much effort:)
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