Gaming monitor recommendation needed - 2ms, LED, height adjustable

Dear all,

I am looking for a new monitor for gaming and work, for when I get my new PC. I am having trouble finding something that meets all of these criteria:

The criteria I am considering are:
-24 inch,
- IPS rather than TN Panel (I read that IPS are better)
- height adjustable
- LED (I read that LED is better for your eyes than LCD - and health of my eyes is a primary concern for me)
- 2ms (which I hear is ideal for gaming and to avoid ghosting)
- 120hz (which I read helps with gaming)
- Approx £150 - £200 budget

Can anyone recommend something to me that meets the above criteria? - primary concern is health of my eyes given that I play games and spend long hours working too.

Any advice is much appreciated.

Thank you.
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  1. The fastest response time for IPS panel screens is 5ms and is usually limited to expensive H-IPS and and S-IPS panels. The more affordable e-IPS panels and typcially have 8ms response times. If you want 2ms response times then you need to buy a TN panel monitor. Also, 120Hz monitors are all TN panel monitors.

    LED backlight is generally not any healthier for eyes than CCFL (florescent) backlight. An extremely small number of people gets headaches around florescent lights because of the frequency they flicker at. LED backlights generally do not flicker if set to 100% brightness. However, as you lower the brightness the flickering increases because LED light is either on or off. Therefore, the only way to make LED lights dimmer is by inserting more and more cycles per second where the LED is "off".
  2. Don't pay too much attention to manufacturer quoted response times - it's possible for a screen rated at 2ms to have severe inverse ghosting that makes it look worse than some 8ms screens. The reviews at show best-case and worst-case images for ghosting, which are more useful for comparison than manufacturer response times. You should also look at the input lag.

    As far as the backlight, setting the brightness to 100% could in some cases cause more eyestrain than the PWM flicker.

    As far as height adjustment, as long as the monitor has VESA mounting holes, you can get a separate stand to adjust the height. If you only need a small increase in height, as opposed to repeatable adjustments, you can put some boards or other objects under it.
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