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Hey guys...

Im in the market for a new keyboard basically I want a no nonsense keyboard with simple features. All the rubbish thats advertised on a box or on youtube reviews are basically pointless..

Important things are backlighting, media keys and its comfortable and reliable.

I dont need macro keys, over the top rollover features, built in lcd screens or flashy marketing gimmicks.

Ive used logitech and found them pretty decent but Im leaning towards a Mionix Zibal 60 at the moment due to it not being over the top and it genuinely looks well built and designed.

I also wont buy another razer product if my life depends on it lol

Just wondering what other people have found decent and worth taking a look at

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  1. in general logitech makes a solid product. not the best, not the worst but definitely well within a good value for the dollar.

    sure you might not need nkro but you might want 4 or 4 kro. use the ps/2 adapter whenever you can also.

    never heard of mionix. remember that with off brands you are taking a huge risk. it could be great, it could be crud.

    razer is an okay brand but they are not worth the price point at all. they are at best an average quality company.

    even keyboards from microsoft are not bad for general use boards. them being my second choice for a basic board if logitech isnt an option.

    in terms of the best keyboards... mechanical keyboards for sure. ibm m is king of the hill but it doesnt support nkro. this brings up das keyboards, deck keyboards and other companies using cherry switches. they might not have media keys but the keyboards are leaps and bounds above rubber dome switches.

    in my opinion backlighting and media keys are pretty much useless. gaming in the dark destroys your eyesight negating the need for backlighting and media keys save you a second or two at best. this is a keyboard for you so buy what you wish... just offering my own opinion and insight.
  2. Quote:
    never heard of mionix. remember that with off brands you are taking a huge risk. it could be great, it could be crud.

    I've had a Mionix mouse for about two years now, it's the greatest I've ever used (Naos 5000). While Mionix products are generally overpriced, I do recommend the company. The Zibal 60, their only keyboard, has met positive reviews online.
  3. Hey I jsut got this keyboard recently.. The Corsair Vengeance K90 and it is probably the most comfortable keyboard I've ever used. Its mechanical and very smooth and with amazing looking backlighting, it feels very solid and typing is smooth. The only "Problem" i have is that not all the keys are mechanical. All the "F" and "G" keys are not mechanical but that is not a problem, this is great for typing and gaming. I recently started playing Diablo 3 and this keyboard is awesome for it. It's also nice to be able to see the keys I'm hitting as well.
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