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Good Gaming Laptop for less than $1500

I'm looking for a laptop that's reasonably good at gaming (for example, one that can handle Civilization 5 on medium or low graphics settings), but has a battery life of 3.5 or more hours. Also, if possible, it should cost less than $1500, and have good internet speed. I really don't know too much about laptops, so any advice helps!
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  1. Asus makes a really nice laptop with their G series. But it depends on what size laptop you want & how important portability is. I have last years G72, while it isn't too portable it does play everything I throw at it on high settings. So it really depends on how portable it needs to be. Let me add a couple of links to the one that I would recommend at $1500.
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    For $1500 this is what I would get. It's 15" format so it's relatively portable & it's specs are perfect for gaming. I particularly like that it comes with the GeForce GTX 460M (which is what I am trying to figure out if I can upgrade my GeForce GTX 260M to). It also has the i7 under the hood.
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