Firewire real-time streaming without firewire port

Hi all,

I know the title of this post is a bit of a contradiction but for good reason. I'm working on a project that requires realtime streaming from a firewire camera. This has been working previously on an older pc but I'm trying to get a similar setup going on my own laptop as the performance is much better. The issue is that I don't have a firewire port and I need to use the firewire camera. I don't have PCI express ports or anything like that so any kind of adapter is not an option. I also know that the firewire/usb converters don't make any sense as they are different protocols. So here is what I have:

- A PC that has a firewire port but doesn't have any real performance for realtime image processing.
- A laptop that is brand new but doesn't have any firewire capabilities.

The question that I would love help with is how I can combine these into a realtime streaming processing machine :) Is there a way to redirect output from a peripheral over say an ethernet direct connection where the other pc could have it set as a virtual firewire port?

Does anyone have any other ideas how I may accomplish this? (Keeping in mind that I don't want to spend a lot of money to firewire to analog/digital converters are out of the question)

Thanks for your help, all input on this would be appreciated.


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  1. Your new laptop, does it have an expresscard slot, USB 3.0 port or thunderbolt port?
  2. Hi Pyree,

    Thanks for the response. Sorry I should have given more detail on the laptop! Yes it has one USB 3.0 port. It doesn't have a thunderbolt port but has a display port. From what I understand, dell xps doesn't have support for firewire on the motherboard so I assume a docking/expansion station with the display port would be a no no? I have looked previously for a usb3.0/firewire adapter but I didn't come across any. Do you know of any?

    Thanks again for your help!
  3. I couldn't find a USB 3.0 to FW adapter. But I am pretty sure there is a USB 3.0 to expresscard adapter, so you can put a expresscard to FW in there to use FW.

    Just need some searching.
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