Swapping MXM (graphics) boards in laptops

Is it possible to swap out MXM graphics boards with other boards of the same form factor?

I have an Asus G72 (that I love), but I would like to swap out the GeForce GTX 260M for a GeForce GTX 460M. Both boards are MXM type 3-B & the TDP is virtually identical between the 2 boards (75 watts for the 260M, 72 watts for the 460M).

I read an article in CPU that discussed this possibilty with an outdated M15X & ATI cards and have heard that it may be possible. However everytime I post this question I get the same generic responses stating that laptop graphics can't be upgraded. I know this to be true with integrated or onboard graphics, but I'm talking about swapping MXM boards here. Any thoughts or suggestionss?

I found the 460M for sale, but they are supposed to be for Clevo. The specs are identical to my 260M though. I'm looking for a slight performance boost & DX11 capabilities. Anyone know whether this swap is possible in with the Asus G72?
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    Everything I found online points to Asus using a proprietary version of MXM. So unless you can get a card from one of the new G73's with the 460M, then I believe you are out of luck.
  2. Thanks for the post & link. I guess I can get this idea out of my head
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