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Ok, this isn't really a computer peripheral question at all, but it is an electronic question and the only forum I know where i get real help of is this one, and this question didn't fit in any other category. I have a device that needs a 7.5v AC adapter, I ordered this device off eBay and it came with an 8.5 AC adapter (the adapter is actually for its bigger brother). Are these safe to use together? The connection for the adapter is the same, it fits, but I'm not sure if using an 8.5v adapter in a device that asks for a 7.5v adapter is safe. I know nothing about electricty, haha.

To elaborate the orignal 7.5V adapter says this (I looked it up);
Input: AC 120v~0.37a 60Hz
Output: DC 7.5v = 2.0a

and the 8.5v adapter says this;
Input 100-240v~1.2a 50/60Hz
Output: 8.5v = 4.5a
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  1. No. You need same voltage. Unless it is for something not too sensitive to small voltage increase.

    What is it for?
  2. My first reaction was the same as Pyree's, but then again, it might be worth it to check with the manufacturer. It is possible that there is a voltage regulator inside the device that reduces to 7.5 volts down to a lower voltage. If that is the case, then it MIGHT be OK to use the 8.5 volt adapter.
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