Any laptop mfg have good DC jack? Need laptop advice.

I am buying 2 new laptops sometime around Feb 1.

That's 1st question, when's a good time to buy, I've heard in the past when I've built my own desktops to wait until after Feb 1 because CPU makers drop prices end of Jan.

I have had 3 laptops and haven't had good luck with any of them. DC jack problems on all. I baby them now so doing better, but really wish someone would solve the problem like Apple has.

I considered 2 new Macs but just can't get the power of an i5 or i7 affordably.

Considering Lenovo, Toshiba, and Sony the heaviest.

Want i5 or i7. Just want good quality laptops. One for wife and 1 for me, would like mine somewhat carryable, but doesn't have to be super slim or anything.

Not a big gamer, but want good stuff. Going to import a lot of mini-DV movies of kids and get them on DVD.

Pics, mp3, office, surf.
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  1. Intel has slowly started releasing new mobile CPU's, but I suspect that they won't hit the market in mass until next year- perhaps January. It sounds like February would be a good time to buy if Intel drops the prices of the first generation of the core i series. In regard to reliability, the brands you mentioned are excellent and I suspect that you'll get your money's worth out of them. Any particular models you are interested in?
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