Window 7 not booting

somehow my hard disk partition became dynamic. i formatted system and insttaled windows 7 ultimate in the dynamic disk partition.

from then onwards system is not booting. only black screen with cursor on the upper left corner of the black screen.

if i am not wrong windows 7 cannot boot with dynamic disk. i will have to go to the disk management and after conversion of dynamic disk to basic disk with deleting all the volumes (data). it is possible to boot withwindows 7.

but system is not booting...not i cannot go to disk management.

hrad disk is showing some partitions with system reserved.

except system reserved all the partitions are shwoing dynamic.

and in only one partition formatting option and installing OS option is coming while i booting system with OS DVD.

reinstalltion through OS DVD is possble by booting through OS DVD. but in advanced option repartition option is not coming.

the one partition in which i installed OS previously, only in that formatting option is coming.
in other partition neither formating option is coming nor extend.
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