UPS/inverter needed for my PC back up time >2.5hrs


I have regular unscheduled power cuts @ my place. So I need a UPS/inverter to support my PC .I want it to have a back-up time of 2.5 hrs

I'll present my config below which I'll be buying within a few weeks. I need 2 buy a suitable UPS/inverter for this.


Processor = Intel i-5 3750 K
Graphic card = AMD HD 7850 2GB
MoBo = ASRock Z68 Pro 3 Gen 3
RAM = 2x4 GB 1600 Mhz
Antec Three hundred and two case
120 GB SSD latest
1TB HDD@7200 rpm
Cossair TX 850 W PSU
Wifi adapter= Edimax EW-7728In Wireless PCI Card N300 3 Antenna 3 Yr.
CD Drive = Sony / Samsung (no blue ray)
Key Board = Razer Arctosa gaming
Modem = Belkin N150 modem+router.

I won't use speakers when there is power cut.


I want to know how to buy a battery for this which will give me atleast 2.5hrs back up time.

I can't decide whether to buy a UPS or an inverter. I heard inverter is less expensive and offers more back up time compared to UPS ? Correct me if I'm wrong. But UPS offers protection to my PC from all kinds of voltage fluctuations and lightning ? Is there a way I can buy an inverter and still protect my PC?

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  1. I asked the APC UPS support and they told me I should buy only Sine wave UPS for mid/high end desktop.
    I don't want to spend so much on a UPS. Is a non-sine wave UPS ok?
  2. dont forget your monitor. you will need to factor this into your power consumption. without a monitor during a blackout you will not be able to accomplish anything. unless of course you are going to rely on the autobackup generator for this. personally i would put both pc and monitor on the ups.

    i use a television for a monitor and i dont have it hooked up to my ups but i probably should. i only have my i7, gtx470 tower hooked up on the backup loop. i get around 5-7minutes ONLY out of the $200 ups model i use. its the one that is a tower that sits on your desk with the lcd screen. its one step down from the top in the series.

    for hooking up both medium-heavy draw pc and monitor for a 20min runtime you are looking at $200+ if you buy retail.

    i'm no electrical engineer and i couldnt tell you if a sinewave model is required. as long as the power is as clean as it is coming out of your wall socket i dont see an issue. you might want to search around on this.
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  4. ....and did you do any more research?

    what you need to know is the power you are drawing from the wall on average and multiply that by the time you want to run the device.

    now... having regular batteries like they do for home solar cell power generation and an inverter is most likely a much cheaper option if you compare potential outputs. you could probably buy some sort of device to stabilize the sine waves if you so wanted. remember that batteries are not discharged 100% so you will need more battery in this case then your calcuations indicate.

    you might want to talk to a company dealing with batteries and inverters to get an idea of costs. they should be able to take your draw and time into consideration. now also remember that you will need to charge these batteries and they might take longer than 2.5 hours to charge.

    everything is not quite cut and dry.
  5. Hi there, i really appreciate your idea of getting an inverter :), because a sudden power cut can severely harm your PC. If you go for a UPS the usage is limited and you cant expect for a duration of 2.5 hrs i guess. But in case of inverters you can add additional battery in parallel according to your usage. If you still have any doubts contact the experts Inverter in chennai as i did. Good luck!!!!!!
  6. I would say maybe look at an Eaton 5sc or Eaton 5px UPSs they are move for servers but with the small load your computer would pull you might be able to get 2hrs out of one. I have ran 2 servers, 2 monitors, a 48 port switch, 2 routers, and a firewall off one and still have 30 minutes of run time.
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