Network adapter driver failing to install

After a clean install on a new ssd I'm trying to get my network adapter to work. I put the driver files from the site onto a USB stick, went to devices> properties and then tried to install the drivers fro a file. Unfortunately, Win7 says there are no drivers found.
On my laptop, WinZip keeps failing to extract the drivers from the ZIP. I downloaded it here:
and used the WIN7 version. Perhaps if someone is able to extract it and supply me with the files, that could help.

EDIT: I also tried downloading the file again in case the first got corrupted, but I get the same error each time.
I also tried another driver from a product that looked very similair ( but that one gave the same error.

EDIT2: WinRar on my new computer gives an "unexpected end" error and then says the file is corrupted or not the correct extension
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  1. Works fine for me with Winrar, i uploaded the Setup.exe to this random file share site because i'm not sure how to do it directly from this forum if it's even possible:

    Click where it says Setup.exe at the top.
  2. Thank you!, that worked. No idea why it failed on 2 seperate computers :/ but it works now so whatever :D.
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