Sorry to ask this but ive been looking for a forum for monitors and cant find one. With that said I am looking for a monitor to buy. I would like:

good quality - which i think mean led back lit but not sure
recommend resolution - 1080p
good for gaming

Here's what I've found


Also I plan to build a rig with a gtx 670
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    The Samsung monitor is great, but you should consider lower response time, higher brightness and colors & better viewing angel and that's what you'll find in the ASUS monitor. Also the monitor include HDMI input the Samsung doesn't.
  2. thanks for the reply
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  4. The specs at Newegg for the Samsung S24B300EL are a bit messed up. Looking at the specs on Samsung's website, it has the exact same viewing angles and brightness as the Asus VH238H that ilysaml suggested, and it does have HDMI input. The Asus does claim a lower response time, but the measurements and calculations involved in simplifying response time to a single number have no standardization, so it's not a useful number for comparison.

    More details of your requirements and budget might help, so perhaps you could fill in a copy of the template:
  5. Approximate Purchase Date: begining of July

    Budget Range: 150 - 250 Before / After Rebates

    Monitor Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, surfing the internet, watching movies

    Preferred Websites for Parts: ,,

    Country of Origin: USA

    Brand Preferences: indifferent but I do want good quality

    Physical Size (Diagonal): I will be using one GPU and I believe that they are better suited for monitors 23" and smaller

    Resolution You'll Consider: 1920x1080

    Computers and Other Devices attached: Desktop (HDMI, DisplayPort, DVIx2

    Panel Type Desired: Indifferent

    LED Backlight: I don't know a whole lot about this. If you guys know it to be good then I would want it but if you think i'm better off without it then ill do without.

    Speakers: Indifferent / Avoided

    Wall-Mount: Indifferent

    Stand Functions: indifferent

    Additional Comments: I want the best image quality

    Monitors I have looked at:
  6. Just make the purchase.
  7. If you're willing to go up to $250, I suggest you consider the Dell U2312HM:
    That's the best price for it from your preferred websites, but it's cheaper here:
  8. Why IPS for gaming? And the monitor's response time is awful it's 8ms
  9. 8ms is not awful, and the number doesn't tell you everything about the ghosting anyway. Look at the review on TFT Central, the ghosting isn't that bad:
    The input lag is impressively low, and Firenutz indicated a desire for image quality, so why not IPS (or at least e-IPS)?
  10. Thanks guys for the feed back I apreciate it! for me its gonna gaming before image quality but that doesn't mean image quality isnt important to me. I have seen in the stores that brands like LG tend to have a better image quality over its competition. I am willing to go to the $250 mark as long as it's worth the money but spending more to gain a marginal difference wouldn't be very wise to me.
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