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Hey guys,

first of all I have to apologize for my bad English but I prefer the English forum since I made the experience that the English forums result in less flamewars.

My concern is whether I should stick with Razer or go with Logitech.

Four years ago I bought two Razer Lycosa keyboards. Basically those have been the best keyboards I've ever had. I especially liked the nice pressure point and how the keys were covered in rubber. But both keyboards had several problems. The keys stopped working randomly and I had to remove it from the USB port and reconnect it to get it to work again. Also my Razor Lachesis sometimes hasn't been recognized by my PC while booting so I had to reconnect it either.

Now I have to decide whether I should choose the Razer Black Widow Ultimate or the Logitech G19 / 510. Normally I would go with the Razer Black Widow Ultimate but since I've had a bad experience with two Razer Lycosa keyboards I just don't dare to. On the other hand the displays of the Logitech G19 / 510 keyboards are nothing more than "nice to have" but I guess I wouldn't be a power user when it comes down to using these features. I even heard that the Logitech keyboards are supposed to be kinda spongy. I am afraid to buy the Razer Black Widow because I heard of problems regarding the space key which in some case pulls down the ALT key, too. I've also heard about dead key issues.

Any help would be welcome.

Regards, Rod
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  1. well first let me say that your english is rather good. we have people who claim english as their primary language without your linguistic skills! no need to appologize at all.

    at most razer is an average quality brand. the products they offer are definitely not worth the price they sell for.

    i'm not familiar with what type of keyboard the lycosa is. is this a rubber dome switch keyboard or mechanical type keyboard?

    i believe the razer black widow ultimate is a mechanical keyboard using cherry mx keyswitches. the logitech g series uses rubber dome switches.

    in general, mechanical keyswitches are not spongy due to the letoff most have when depressed to a certain depth. rubber dome switches use a piece of rubber to add resistance which is why they can feel spongy.

    i've used both and while i can say that i most definitely prefer mechanical keyswitches, rubber dome keyboards if done right (and logitech is definitely a brand i would recommend for rubber dome switch keyboards!) they are not bad.

    unless you need all the macro keys there really isnt a reason to go with the g series over an office model keyboard. i've had good luck with general use logitech keyboards in the past. my old keyboard that came in the mx1000 mouse and keyboard set is 9 years old and still works.

    if you do want a mechanical keyboard and can spare all of the fancies which the razer promotes (backlighting, rubber coating, etcetera) then you might want to take a look at deck keyboards or das keyboards. both would be considered quite a leap above the razer in terms of quality.

    just some ideas...

    oh and if you have a ps/2 port use the usb to ps/2 port adapter... it is the better way of hooking up a keyboard and mouse. if your pc has the ports. not sure if it will solve your issue but it gives you a better response time (eliminates the need for mouse polling for sure) since it is interrupt based instead of timed response. ps/2 also allows for n-key roll over.
  2. Corsair Vengeance k90 keyboard is great. It is not that cheap compared to some boards but for a mechanical board it is standard pricing. It feels solid since the actual board is brushed aluminum.
  3. You are right about the screen been rather useless. I've been using a logitech G15 (v2) for years now and while i don't want to change it, (keys are fine btw!) i just don't really need the screen.

    What are you looking for in the keyboards? For example i was looking for a backlight keyboard back then so that i won't be fumbling in the dark for the grenade key.
  4. I agree with SSDDX. I personally hate giving Razer my money b/c I just don't think their goods are worth what they want me to pay. My brother has a Lycosa and I truly hate it. Not because it's a Razer item, but because of the feel. I have used plenty of Logitech keyboards in the past and I love the way their rubber domes feel even if it's "inferior" technology.

    However, as much as I love Logitech and their rubber dome keyboards, mechanical keyboards are way better. If you get used to them, it makes typing among other things way easier and quicker. There's also different types of mechanical keys depending on what type of feel you want to it too. If you have a Best Buy near you, I advise you to go check out their keyboard selection b/c they have a pretty decent array of keyboards to test. Sometimes they even have some really nice high end gaming keyboards to try too. I'm not exactly sure what kind of keys the Razer Black Widow uses but to be honest, it's got a pretty nice feel to it. And as much as I hate saying this, but if you're not going to use the screen on the Logitech keyboards, you might as well go for the Black Widow. It's a mechanical keyboard for the same price as the G510 which is a rubber dome.
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