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Building a new PC and of course i bought a new keyboard and mouse (Logitech MK120). The mouse uses optical tracking and my question is what mouse pad is the best? I'll mainly use the pc for gaming and i have a fairly large amount of space to work with so size isn't that much of an issue. It has to be less than £20 to fit in with my budget as well.
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  1. a foamrubber mouspad with a cloth top surface.

    you can get them from any office or computer store for usd$5 or so. i use a double thickness one i got at staples for $8-9. some places give them out free. at work i use a large 1ft by 1.5ft mat.

    solid colors seem to work the best. such things as white designs on black at times might cause cursor jump.

    there is absolutely no gain to using usd$40 mousepads or other such gaming surfaces. a complete waste of money.
  2. If you are looking for a smooth and fast activity you want a hard pad. I think they cost more in general, unfortunately but you can get smoother cloth pads as well. I have the goliathus control edition, but there's a speed edition. I got mine on Amazon for around $15, I'd recommend it.
  3. I also like the aluminum type mouse pad razer ironclad which is very smooth and durable.
  4. op:

    believe what you want to believe. i've been challenging typical gamer advice for years. i've beaten gamers with a cloth mousepad, with wireless mice, with laser mice, with a 16ms monitor, etcetera.

    personally i've found that cloth mousepads are more comfortable to use and that the hard mouse pads sometimes have a grainy texture for better mouse tracking which seems to eat away more at the teflon mouse feet.

    buy what fits you. none of us can tell you what to buy. we can only give recommendations.
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