How many leave their Amd systems on 24/7 ???

Yeah, that's right! I like to know if it has what it takes, can you really say..."I can walk away from my Athlon box?"
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  1. *raises hand*

    Now that I have tweaked NT4 to exactly how I want it, it's not getting rebooted :)

    Currently on 47 hours since last restart.......
  2. I leave my on 24/7 and it is an Amd K6-3. Wish I could afford an Athlon.
  3. I have left my systems on 24/7 since the days of my P-90 :)
  4. I have my Duron 750 oc'ed to 950 and leave it running cruching Seti units 24x7. I also use Motherboard monitor to monitor the temperature and trigger shutdown now if the temp gets too high.
  5. I don't. Saving money on power bill.
    I usually turn it off when I go to bed.
    I turn it on in the morning and leave it on all day while I'm at work.
    But I have left if on for days with no problems.
  6. How did you get your title to say SetiMaster?
  7. Mine runs 24/7 crunching SETI.
    All most 2 weeks without 1 crash or reboot!
  8. I don't know but, something smells fishy in here.
  9. Always on. Last reboot was 3 days ago just to flash the abit ww bios update.

    Running nt5, amd tbird 900 at 1000.
  10. I have several systems that I leave on 24x7, aiming for 0% downtime (lol).

    It is important to note that just leaving a computer on, running SETI@home or a screen saver isn't a great test of a system's real uptime.

    Yes, that kind of number-crunching will test your cooling solution, as that provides a near-maximum heat output of the CPU. But single-tasking, non-I/O intensive applications use the features of the CPU/OS/compiler that are most reliable.

    A worst-case reliability scenario involves many processes (lots of context switching), heavy interrupt activity, and lots of memory allocation/deallocation (to fragment memory).
    The difference between these standards of a "stable" system was demonstrated by Dr. Pabst with the Pentium 1.13GHz, and the Linux kernel compiliation.

    A house of cards is stable until you sneeze on it.

    . . .

    Having said that, I have an Athalon system that ran for just under 2 months of serving about 20 database-backed web pages/second (not to real people; to a webcrawler designed to give the computer a workout).
    It probably would have gone longer if I'd used ECC memory.
  11. I may leave it running SETI@Home when I am not using it, but I thrash the thing when I am using it.......
  12. Probably your rancid Anti-AMD propaganda.
  13. >>How did you get your title to say SetiMaster?

    It was bestowed on me by Fredi, I'm leading Tom's team in processing Seti units, and I posted the first message in the Distributed computing thread.
  14. Good try to prove a point, but obviously it failed. I leave my system on 24/7 constantly d/l or u/l things on ftp sites, I've had my athlon classic running win98se going for about two days now without a problem. I'm almost done getting a movie, about 14 hours to go, and I may reboot just out of principle and win98 paranoia, but now that you asked I probobly will leave it going.

    "Are you saying that I can dodge bullets?"
  15. I leave all of my systems on 24-7 , my Athlon(classic 750) W2K server has not been rebooted in 3 months and my W2K workstation (Tbird 1Ghz) has been up for 3 weeks, as has my PII 350 Workstation my P233mmx back up sever is off at the moment but that is usually 24-7 as well.
    the only PC that causes problems is my PII 350 but that is not the CPU or any other hardware for that matter, it's win98 that is installed on it......


    one of the first UK T-Bird users....
  16. >> can you really say..."I can walk away from my Athlon box?"

    sure... I leave it on while I'm at work to crunch SETI etc... I turn it off at night for a simple reason -- I can't sleep with its 7 fans and "Whooooosh" sound in the same room as I am:)
    Triple Boot WinME/Linux/Win2000... only system that crashes is WinME, and that's for obvious reasons... plus I'm one of those people that just DO things to the computers, don't ask me how:)
  17. i have my a k6-2 300mhz on 24/7

    ABIT BP6 + ATI RADEON 32MB DDR RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. You should been asking "How many have their Amd crashed once? " (-:

    All i can give you is the truth. Nothing more.
  19. I have five or six Athlon Classic servers running NT 4.0 server and a couple T-Bird servers running NT 4.0 and W2k server. I leave them all running all the time at work. I have yet to have a problem with a single one of them.

    What it takes is hand selecting the components and doing a proper installation. I have complete faith in the machine that I build for work.
  20. I have had my Athlon 750 running for 5 months without a problem. I use it as my personal server and as sharing my cable internet connection to all my other PC's, as well as my print server. I only had a single 300W power supply with only one additional fan, and that was in the front of the PC for fresh air. I recently upgraded to a Duron 700, overclocked to 900, in an Inwin Q2000 server case with a redundent 300W power supply with the Abit KT7-Raid motherboard. I have two IBM 45Gb drives in a mirror, one Seagate Barracuda II 20Gb as the primary drive, 2 fans in the case, one in front and one in rear, Zip Drive, HP CD-Rewriter, and One Seagate Cheetah 9gb 10000rpm U2w drive for MP3's for Napster. It has been running for 7 days with one lockup due to the ATI video card I was using. I put a 3DFX 3500 AGP card in it and no problems. I also use this computer to run my Quake III Coliseum Server when I am at home with no problems. AMD is much more reliable in my mind.
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