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Hi all

Im running Windows 7 under Bootcamp on my iMac off a 30Gb Partition. Other than Anti Virus programs and very small 'utilities' I have no big programs running on the drive.

As time has worn on, my drive has become more and more congested, despite not installing any programs on it. I moved the pagefile off the drive to an external hard drive over a week ago now and the small space i gained has now been filled up again.

As shown in this screenshot:

According to Treesize, my files account for 16.8Gb of my 30Gb drive - why does Windows show that I have only 1.4Gb free? I have checked the "protected" folders that Treesize cant list, and all of them are empty

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer, I hope im not being too stupid

p.s. I have tried to search the net as best I can about this problem but cant find many thing where the missing space amounts for such a large amount of the drive. I have used CCleaner to delete all my temp files/etc and used the Windows Disk Cleanup utility to get rid of the initial installation files, none of this has helped at all however =(

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  1. hiberfil will consume as much space as you have RAM, and you have to specifically turn it off, and it can't be moved from the boot drive. that might account for a couple of Gb 4?

    Can you run windirstat? it will show you where all of the space has gone, there's not always something that can be done about it though.
  2. Im not massively sure what im looking at in Windirstat, but it seems to me like it shows the same problem. My files only account for <16Gb disc space, hence 13Gb worth of space has just vanished off the disc (pretty harsh when its over 40% of the partition size)

    I have already turned off Hibernation using the command prompt (powercfg -h off) and hence I dont think Hiberfil should still exist on my PC?

    edit: heres the windirstat image
  3. Have just taken ownership of the "System Volume Information" folder incase it was system restores etc causing this problem (although turned off) - turns out the folder is only 324Mb in size

    Am still stuck =/ any help would be much appreciated

    further edit: just ran a full CHKDSK on the drive, after taking ages - no problems were found =/
  4. Sorry for self-posting in my own thread but i seem to have found the problem. For some reason the folder:

    Player\Art Cache\LocalMLS

    is over 16Gb in size packed with .jpgs - this came up after a virus scan i noticed spent an extreme amount of time on this folder. I do not understand why this folder would be filling up with temporary .jpgs as I dont even use Windows Media Player?

    Any idea on how to stop this behaviour would be much appreciated? Also any idea how i can delete this folder, given it takes explorer over half an hour (and counting) to get into the NetworkService folder? Ive tried CMD prompt but it says the folder is being used by another program - i guess safe mode is the way to go??

    Thanks again
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    I would imagine that folder is used to store the images of what basically ammounts to album covers from Windows Media shares on your network. Or anything that Windows Media Player will connect to.
    Do you have a Huge (I mean really huge) Network store of Music or something on your network?
    You could try disabling the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service. That might work.
  6. For anyone else having my problem, I would reccommend a program called Spacemonger (, it gives a really nice structured image of where your drives space is being used and which folders. it is also the only tool of its type that spotted this folder was causing a problem for me (treesize/WinDirStat etc missed it, I presume because it was a hidden folder?). In the end I only noticed it because i saw the Virus Checkers/Spyware utilities etc spent ages on the folder - which I couldn't understand.

    Woke up this morning and theres another 2.3Gb of images in that folder. I do have a large music collection and it seems to just be making 1000s of duplicates of album art in the folder. Turning off the "Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service" has seemed to stop it... for now =)

    Thanks for the help guys
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  8. Disable System protection/system restore. It is an image of your OS' history that let's you do a rollback if you install a faulty driver etc. It fills your harddrive slowly but steadily. You can find it here: press winbtn+pause --> advanced system settings --> system protection --> configure --> disable system protection.
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