Cpu specs for 32 lcd tv monitor

is there anyone there who can help me?i am planning to use devant 32" LCD tv monitor as my computer monitor but i have no idea about the specs of CPU i need to use... your answer will give a great help regarding this problem.many thanks in advance!
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  1. what resolution is the lcd tv?

    720p or 1080p?

    at most you will have to power 1920x1080 effective resolution so your video card should be able to handle this. if you plan to play games you might want a slightly better video card than if all you wanted to do was play movies or surf the web.

    your cpu matters about as much as the rest of your system in this case in terms of performance.

    my old athlon64 from 10 years ago could display on a lcdtv... but that doesnt mean it will run new programs or games. what you are looking for in a system is components that are powerfull enough to run the programs you want and games at 60fps give or take.

    you need to get back to us with what equipment you already have, what you want to accomplish, etcetera.
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