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Hey everyone,

I been using the Acer p224w for a few years now, i thought it looked great when i first got it coming from a old CRT monitor.
Then i hooked up my Sony 3d Display to my computer which is LED backlit and the colors looked amazing and i really enjoyed it.
(except for the glossy coating on the screen, the reflective glare was a absolute headache)

My question is, what would be a great LED back lit monitor for primarily games?

i am looking for either 23"-24" monitor
Must be backlit LED (i suppose that is what brought the colors out more)
and might be redundant, but i want the colors to pop out and be vibrant just like the Sony Display (but no glossy coating)
Price - between 200-300 (can be slightly over)

I just upgraded my computer wit a gtx 670 and i been playing lots of games on it, so of course i want a great monitor
to compliment my set up.

Any tips, ideas, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated =]
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  1. Before insisting on an LED backlight, please do not credit it with the good colors of the Sony 3d display - see if you don't believe me. LEDs have other advantages, but color accuracy is not one of them, nor is color gamut unless you get RGB-LED backlighting.
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