Longest running computer without a crash or reboot

I got my 900 @ 1 gig Tbird running good and stable with out a crash or reboot for over 2 weeks and still going strong.
Daily I do e-mail ,surfing ,maybe some Diablo II or chess, then SETI the rest of the time with win 98se.
What’s the longest your computer has gone without a crash or reboot?
Please post the OS and what the computer dose all day.
A blinking DOS prompt 24/7 would probably run for years and should not count.
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  1. I am on twenty two days right now. I just had to restart to replace some video drivers.
    Win2k Advanced Server
    Office2k all the time, seti, aolaim, internet site serving, ftpserving, and quakeIII serving and playing, outlook, cd creator everyother day or more. Plus many other little apps

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  4. PS. I have a First Generation Athlon 650
  5. I left my PIII 700@933 up for over 2 months, then decided to bump it up and had to restart to do it! Of coarse, it's not a fair compairison-I have an Intel chipset!

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  6. Running an Athlon 1 gig system, longest I would say is around 10 days, after that win2k either crashed or I had to reboot for some other reason ala drivers/hardware changes and the like. Longest ever system I have seen running is about 4 years, an NCR server running Unix.
  7. hrm...my system runs about 1.5 hours tops before it crashes. Win 98 se -- run 3 programs in the background normally (so my task manager tells me), I play delta force 3, q2, q3, and play mp3s and websurf. My comp really hates delta force 3. Dunno, maybe I should take my tbird down from 950 or something, or figure out a way to pump more voltage through the bastard. Hrm?
  8. A Intel Pentium 166MHz MMX up for 226 days running Redhat 6.0.
  9. My trusty old 486dx2 has been on 24/7 for close to four years..
    Why i leave it on i dont know just lazy i guess. I only use it to type and stuff anyways and the ocassionall game or two
    yes i still play doom2 lol

    forgot to mention its a amd 486dx/2 66

    Hey man i dont know .. i just think i do !!
  10. My P233 mmx Back up server was running without a reeboot for over 6 months and my Athlon 750 Server has been up with Win 2k sever since it was installed 3 mnths ago and I don't intend to reboot it unless I need to install something that requires it.... oh and my 1ghz Athlon Workstation has been running for 3 weeks and it only gets rebooted cos it is dual boot 98/2000.


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  11. I had a NT server that was of for over 360 days before I had to reboot to change some settings.
  12. Letting a computer run for over 6 months seems utterly rediculus in my eyes. Rebooting is an essential part of a computers life. Everything temporary is flushed, resources are regained, swap file emptied, and computer runs faster after a reboot. I can't comprehend the logic behind keeping a computer running over 6 months without rebooting it for any of the reasons above, just to keep the pc in good running shape.

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  14. ". Rebooting is an essential part of a computers life. Everything temporary is flushed, resources are regained, swap file emptied, and computer runs faster after a reboot. "

    you MUST say that in that computer life entered windoze.

  15. true, i dont restart randomly though, i usually make some change in windows just playing around, i like to tinker and tweak

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  17. mine has been up for about 2 1/2 hours now, ill keep ya posted.
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