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When do you think APPLE will refresh the current Macbook Pro Unibody??

ANyone care to guess? I don't remember when the first macbook air came out. From what i remember it came out before the unibody pros did. ANyone remember how long before it happened? I just sold my macbook pro and I am hesitant to grab the new one if there's an all new refresh around the corner...

any thoughts?
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  1. Rumors say that Apple will update the MBP's in April
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    The MBPs were updated last year (when Apple released i5 and i7 based configs). So, when you ask about a future refresh, do you mean from the current i5/i7 offerings or from the previous C2D configs?
  3. The updates on the Macbook Pros are fairly recent. Nothing new, except for NVidia's 400 series graphics, has been released to warrant an update. When Intel releases Sandy Bridge for laptops is when you will most likely see an update.
  4. I guess we have Sandy bridge mobile CPUs for the Q1 of 2011,so maybe the next gen MBPs are equipped with them.
  5. Interesting stuff to say the least. Thanks for the info until now I had no clue what it was. I did some googling and it looks like APril they will have a new model out. I'm scared to want to purchase a current i7, SSD and see the body and chassis design come out better. I dont mind a faster proc or specs slightly beating a purchase but a total redesign that blows mine away... I'd be more than a little upset. Either way I don't think I can do with waiting 4 months for a new model without a laptop @ work.

    Looks like it'll be a current i7, 128gb SSD and 4gb ram(upgrade myself to 8) with a 330m. Probably not a huge jump from my 3.06 ghz core2duo with the same ssd and ram and 9600gt but an improvement nontheless. Slightly better battery life, slightly better gpu and slightly faster and efficient cpu. Self switching GPU is a win too.

    thanks, guys
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