Keyboard glitch while playing racing games (gta4 dirt2)

Hey guys i have a Hp pavillion dv6 3050tx notebook with ATI radeon 5650 1 gb mobility graphics, HP stock drivers (updated once through hp updater)i7 920 4gb ddr3, i have a very unusual problem with all racing games including Gta 4 and Dirt 2, whenever i try to play games with the laptop's keyboard the game freezes after every 1 or 2 seconds while turning the car with A or D buttons or left right it seems to me that i have some problem regarding my button configuration and i have configured it again but the problem never ends,one day i have played those games with my xbox 360 controller for pc with the controller the game play was working fine with no glitches i m confused why playing with the laptop's keyboard or any other external keyboard Creating this problem...

please guys suggest me how to tackle this unusual problem.
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  1. look up disabling the sticky keys in your OS. Do a web search on this topic, will find a lot of articles about how to do that, pertaining to your OS.
  2. i have got the same problem....

    if u get the solution plz tell me.

  3. the problem is the connection between keyboard and CPU. connect without using serial-USB adapter(connecting cable)...
  4. May be you accidentally touch the window key?
  5. does it happen when you press a key and not happen when you hold the key? and is it only when you repeatedly press a key or will it happen when you only press it once.
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