Are you impressed with those new MACS. LOL we had that stuff for a while. Here is a MAC vs PC quiz have fun:

1. Name 1 other program besides -photoshop- that macs use better then pc's ?

2. Price between G4 733 vs. ATHLON 1.2 ghz?

3. Who has open standards ?

4. Whats easier to upgrade ?

5. Who is more Greedier - Steve Jobs or Bill Gates - ?

ABIT BP6 + ATI RADEON 32MB DDR RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. 1. Internet Explorer 4.01 (Hell, I can run the Mac version of that faster in emulation than the Windows version!)

    2. Too bloody much

    3. Nothing is ever truly standard... but Macs have none whatsoever apart from usage of IDE/USB/PCI/AGP

    4. The iMac/G4 Cube, You can't! ;)

    5. William Hendy Gates :)
  2. The questions seem a bit loaded in favour of the PC.

    I won't dispute that today's current x86 processors will beat up on the G4+ processors, simply because they run so much faster (although how does a P3 733 stack up against the latest G4 733 in most programs?).

    So in that sense, it's a bit hard to answer question 1. There are programs that are available for the Mac that aren't available for Windows, that I know are really easy to use (like iMovie), but that's not a fair comparison because I've never used any video editing software for a Windows based machine. Seeing as this is a 'quiz' do you know the answer, or is it just a loaded question against the Mac platform?

    2. I don't know the price difference between the G4 733 and the Athlon 1.2 GHz. I still find it interesting that you failed to even include a DVD drive (let alone a DVD-R drive) when you were comparing the G4 733 to your Athlon computer a while back.

    3. The x86 platform naturally. But which platform has fewer hardware compatibility problems?

    4. Once again, are you so anti-Mac that all of your questions must be ones that are so blatantly against the Mac? From our standpoint (being the hardware geeks that we are), this is a no brainer. From the standpoint of a lot of other people, upgrading is a process that is seldom done, because in a lot of cases, they've had their computer for so long that most of the hardware within it can't be transferred to the new computer. But seeing as we upgrade our computers every couple of months (which is definitely NOT the norm), this is something that is important to us, who make up something like 1%, maybe 2% of the people that own computers. A lot of the people that go and buy Dell's or Compaq computers don't have much in the way of upgradability either. With DDR RAM on the way, how long will it be before our current SDRAM DIMMS cannot be moved into our newer computer systems? A lot of people at my Dad's business came in to want to finally upgrade their old P5 machines, hoping to keep as much of the equipment that they have. Unfortunately, the SIMM modules are useless now, as are pretty much all of their ISA devices (unless you find the odd new motherboard that still has an ISA slot, and even then, it's only 1). For a lot people, the upgrade cycle is a couple of years, in which upgrading allows them to keep very little of their old hardware.

    5. Seeing as Steve Jobs pays himself an annual salary of $1, I'm gonna have to say the Mr. Gates is the "greediest."
  3. 1. Quark
    2. G4 is over $1,000 more
    3. OSX is FreeBSD Linux, how much more open can you get. sprockets anyone?
    4. G4 733 will come with some good features, firewire, gigabit, 133FSB, slick case, no SCSI on base models
    5. Steve Jobs for keeping architecture closed for too long. forcing anyone who buys his computers to pay top dollar for everything due to no copetition.
  4. True, Steve Jobs make $1 annual salary, but how much does he make in stock options, huh?
  5. True. But do you honestly think Steve Jobs will exceed Bill Gates on Stock Options?

    The stock option 'salary' in my opinion is a good thing, especially considering the last few CEO's for Apple. Steve Jobs only makes money if Apple makes money.
  6. 1. I find Macs more stable generally, but then I don't mess with them like I do with PCs. Quark and Photoshop (maybe all Adobe too like InDesign etc) run better on Macs, but they also run on PCs fine too these days. MacOS Finder looks cooler than Windows Explorer IMHO, plus MacOS X might be good.

    2. G4 is +++ more expensive.

    3. Open standards means UNIX etc. PCs have a choice of various Linux, BSD and Unix versions, there are fewer for the Mac but they are around.

    4. They're both about the same these days, I think, though drivers come quicker for windows, plus I've heard this display connector that macs use can create difficulties when upgrading graphics (and man, if you get the Rage Pro version you'll want to upgrade!)

    5. I think the greediest man in the world is the barman at the pub near where I live. He always 2/3 fills and never gives enough change :)
  7. Same is true with Microsoft and Bill Gates. If Microsoft makes money, Bill Gates makes money. Bill Gates is the biggest bastard in the world. (I WISH I HAD THOUGHT OF DOS BACK IN 1982!!!!!!!!)
  8. when i work in quark on a PC i feel like i miss one button (command one :))

  9. You're right, the guy who 'thought up' DOS and then sold it to Bill Gates made a handsome $50,000 on the deal.

    Who knew it'd be worth billions in the future.
  10. Thanks for pointing out that DOS was purchased, not created, by Gates. As for Alanshu's question, since the systems are so different, clock for closk is no longer a valid comparison. The only ways you can compare them are-fastest to fastest or price for price, for which Apple looses both due to their closed standard.
    The fastest to fastest thing is really a standard way of doing things-look at the Radeon v. GTS comparisons (fastest to fastest within a similar price). The GTS has a faster clock because it was designed that way, so it's a design issue. With the Mac v. PC comparo the 733 Mac is current and the 733PC is past, but the 733 Mac is their best, and the 1200 PC is AMD's best. Hell, if you wanted to compare price for price you would have to use a P4 1500 WITH a DVD-R AND 1 gig of memory just to get the price up! Hey, now there's a comparison! Equally equiped with the best speed of both!

    Suicide is painless...........
  11. Yeh, by then hopefully the new chipset and revised P4 will have all the bugs worked out!

    Suicide is painless...........
  12. PC's are irrelavant, Macs will be assimilated, you will all become one with the Borg
  13. I have no doubt Mac's are easier to use, they are idiot proof, they have no hardware issues, they may run certain software better than PC's, their G4+ may be better than x86 at the same clock rate and they all now include firewire.

    But PC's are not so stable, that's why there are so many hardware and software configs. For example, if all the PC's in the world ran Windows 2000 Pro on a Abit KT7 with 128 mb of ram, a 1 Ghz T-bird, and a Prophet Geforce 2 MX, there would be no problems, because the software programmers would be able to optimize software for this hardware config.

    The G4+ may be faster than a T-bird at the same clock speed, but Motorola hasn't been able to go further than 733 mhz and AMD has been manufacturing for a while 1.2 Ghz processors.

    Oh and I can't work with a mouse with just one button.
  14. 1. I'll stick with my linux cause I get like 4 different types of programs to do anything, and they're all free. God I love GNU
    2. A lot
    3. Windows sure doesn't, but yes MACs are annoying that way
    4. PCs...
    5. Bill Gates... but people who use PCs don't necessarily equal windows users...

    The one thing I really don't get about MACs is how they're supposed to be elite "supercomputer" graphics boxes, and the best card you can get for them is the GeForce MX..and only on the most expensive option. They don't even offer a GTS let alone an Ultra. Considering you're paying craploads for the system anyway...you'd think they'd toss an ultra in too.
    I'll stick with my GIMP...it's free...and open.
  15. the truth is, no matter how funny your jabs are, at the mac platform...

    ...those mac users get more done than pc users (especially pc users who are on the amd bandwagon), in terms graphics and multimedia accomplishments.

    Now that lighwave and Project:messiah have been ported to OSX, the skies no limit!
  16. “The truth is” now that’s funny!
    If U want to run Mac software just emulate it.
    U get the best of both worlds for less money.
    BTW Did AMD run over your kid?
  17. Sup AMD Meltdown!!!! When's the last time ya looked at those ol' benchmarks, buddy?
  18. hey pal, Amd is a fast cpu but what good is it when you chasing your tail 'round and not getting any work done.
  19. What the heck are you talking about now, you little chiwauwha. Yo quiero AMD.

    - "I forgot my shirt, but I had body glitter."
  20. We're still waiting for PPC Emulation, but it's in the works and due to be out this year :)

    <A HREF="http://biisetup.cjb.net/" target="_new">http://biisetup.cjb.net/</A> 68k Macintosh Emulation
  21. "The truth is" that I have owned nothing but AMD systems (well ok I had one 486 Intel) and I have never had a problem due to some inherant glitch in AMD chips. The only trouble I've ever had was my own stupid fault for screwin around with stuff. My Windows systems are fairly stable (Win2k system is a rock solid perfomer). The thing about Macs is that although they are more unified in design (hence less trouble) they are generally limited to workstation software. The Mac delay on your average game is usually 3 months or more. There isnt as much innovation in Macs as there is in PCs. Im not disputing the power of Macs, or the stability because they are good machines, but PCs offer a bit more for your average computer nerd.

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  22. great stuff
    i am getting now the mac version of int. exploiter
    i just wasted a 2 gig partition for the emulator
    i think i will do the pages for my newspaper from home :))

  23. Not a problem. Just beware that Internet Explorer 4.01 and Netscape 4.08 are the latest versions that works on Basilisk II. (Netscape 4.08 Requires System 7.6.1, not free but can be "acquired")

    Did you set the network drivers and everything up for it?

    Any problems with the setup package, just whack me and I will deal with them. :lol:
    Chances are this was posted with <A HREF="http://"http://www.mozilla.org"" target="_new">Mozilla</A>
  24. just aquired from work system 8
    Installing now
    next message from quadra 900 :)

  25. >>>I have no doubt Mac's are easier to use,

    All i can offer you is the truth. Nothing more.
  26. >>>I have no doubt Mac's are easier to use,

    that's kinda right, that's why micro$sot stole it for win95 GUI

  27. Good On Ya! :)

    If you go to the links page on that site you'll find some useful stuff....

    If you get stuck (nahhhhh) feel free to yell at me :)
  28. wusy, what makes OS X a dream? Ive heard a lot of appraise for it, but havent heard anything technical. could you please give me the hightlights?

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  29. um, why are you replying to me?
  30. Oh phulease

    Darwin is running on x86 and who would use a UI like that?!!!
  31. He didn't say crash-proof. He said most anticrashable. That means it's hardest to crash. Oh phulease read the post next time.

    - "I forgot my shirt, but I had body glitter."
  32. hendy, i almost always reply to the last post. i read them all, then intead of scrolling back up to look for the exact one i want to reply to, i just reply to the last one, take it easy chief
    Oh, and wusy, when i asked for technical specs, i didnt mean "most anticrashable os in the world", mac oses are supposed to be, its the only good thing about them

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  33. WELL OSx is a from of linux. So i would see Apple trying to ban Linux or Beos in some from.

    ABIT BP6 + ATI RADEON 32MB DDR RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  34. OSx is a form of linux? That seems odd for some reason, its like giving linux a user friendly GUI. never heard that b4

    If at first you don't succede, skydiving isn't for you. :frown:
  35. links ok, ROM ok, os8 does not run
    boot with extensions off it says no file system or smth

    The partition that i just formatted, after a reboot was gone, no more bootable, not even windoze so i made a big hsv file that works ok

    installed netscape(4.05) and ppp
    when running netscape all system(os/emulator in fact) halts for 10-20 sec, and then back on ok

    rest it's working fine :)

  36. Get rid of A/ROSE, it's in System Folder -> Extensions (if it even got installed), and update to OS 8.1.

    As for Netscape, that is unfortunately normal on THG.

    Did you try out the NAT?

    Lastly, only format whole disks af HFS, and only in WinNT/2000 :)
  37. "...The G4+ may be faster than a T-bird at the same clock speed, but Motorola hasn't been able to go further than 733 mhz and AMD has been manufacturing for a while 1.2 Ghz processors...."

    And worse yet for Apple, the 733 G4 will not be out until April (if it is on schedule, by which time AMD will have Athlons out that will be in the 1.4 - 1.5 Ghz range. 733 just wasn't enoough to keep Motorola/Apple in the game. They needed to jump directly up to the 1 Ghz range if they wanted to be competitive. But...they didn't and probably will not for a long, long time.
  38. i just got a new g4 (my first mac) and when i turned it on it went stright to mac os, no dos, no bios , no counting memory, it went stright to the place i wanted to be,i wonder if windows will ever be a standalone os like mac?
    without relying on a Dirty Operating System (dos)
  39. Well i reason i dont like MACS you can't tweak the hell out of them. i tried 6 hours to get Linux on Brother's G4 400. i got it on the mac to work in linux. i threw the no button mouse away. i bought him a new mouse Microsoft intelli mouse. Him MACS ARE HARD TO UPGRADE.


    MAKE SURE you download Linux kenral 2.4.0 its a good one

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