Installer/unistaller deleted everything

Hi all, this a generall "windows" thread, not just 7, because the installers/unnistallers are almost the same in win xp thru 7.

Anyway, as the title says, a dell driver installer, deleted everything from my dell laptop, leaving only winodows 7 core (for example windsows games like cells, deleted).
I run the driver twice, as the first failed. The second time, the progress bar was stucked in the middle for many minutes, and when I realized that something was wrong, I saw the desktop empty and then "killed" the installer. So by the time the installer stucked at the middle, it was deleting everything.

The same thing happend in my pc, win xp, the unistaller of Earth 2160 (not 2150), also deleted everything in the drive it was installed on.

Anyone knows why this happened or had the same experience?
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  1. bump..
  2. i have used them thosands of times, never had a problem. were did you download this driver installer from? sounds like a troll to me...self made exe
  3. No, I am not troll, and name is from actual chiptune, check it out ;)

    I too have used countless times the installers/unistallers, but those two were exceptions. The driver was from the official site of Dell. I dont blame them at all, since this event seemed like a complication (happened the second time I run the istaller).

    As far as I understand, installers/unistallers in windows are built on the same foundations; the core of them is almost the same, so these two events were triggered by something outside the installer/unistaller.

    Indeed, these are very rare phenomenons, you must be very (un)lucky to see them :P!
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