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I'll be up front and say I don't know much about computer hardware and even less so about monitors. With that said, I could use some advice on a budget gaming monitor (if such a thing exists).

Tomorrow is pay day and I will be buying the final parts (HDD + PSU) to my gaming build and plan to build it the following day. I went over everything and made sure I wasn't missing components. At that point I discovered I overlooked buying a monitor.

I'm in a little bit of a bind here as, after computer parts and "other" expenses, I will only have $92.21 to spend on a monitor with this paycheck. I've looked up cheap monitors on newegg.com and looked through the reviews for a good monitor under $100 but they yielded little results. I learned of a few to avoid but not to buy.

With all of that said could someone who has more knowledge (and experience) about monitors suggest one to purchase? I am not looking for a great monitor just something to get me by for a few months. In a perfect world I would love an HD Monitor but I don't think that is possible at this price. Thanks for any and all suggestions.

PS: My gaming build is not a high-end. It has a Phenom II x4 965 CPU and an AMD HD 7770 GPU. Don't know if this will change what is suggested.
PSS: This is in U.S Dollars
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  1. Ouch. With a budget that low (and I presume that has to cover shipping as well), you might consider used and refurbished monitors, such as this one:
    Here's a newegg link for the same monitor in "new" condition, in case you want to look at user reviews:

    However, monitors in "new" condition aren't totally out of your reach, you just have to look at smaller monitors, such as this one:
  2. @MauveCloud
    Thanks a bunch for those recommendations. I'm really inclined to buy that ACER you mentioned above from newegg.com. It's not a bad monitor and is just at my limit.
    Before I commit to it I just want to see if anyone else Has any other suggestions.
    Thanks again
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