WoW Cataclysm on this laptop?

Hello, First and foremost- PC's are better than laptops for gaming! I have a great PC that I love dearly and am looking for a laptop to be my in addition to. I am would like to purchase a laptop that would do the basics computer wise plus run WoW Cataclysm. Just basically leveling, a little pvp-possibly arena again, not really used as a full scale raiding machine (my pc is for that). Please let me know if you intelligent computer wise ppl think it will work out decently. I just really hate to waste money as things are tight for us all now a days, so I'm looking to be cost effecient. -Thank you so much in advance and much love for helping out! Kash Here is the link for it:
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  1. It'll handle it, but don't expect much from it in terms of cranking up the settings. It should be playable at low settings without any frills turned on.
  2. Might also want to take a look at
  3. I run WoW on my Dell XPS M1530 on Medium settings. It runs pretty smooth. It gets a little choppy in super crowded areas i.e. Dalaran etc etc... but it is still very playable.

    Intel Core2Duo T9300 2.5ghz CPU
    4gb RAM
    Nvidia 8600GT 256mb VRAM DDR3
    Win 7
    15" Screen @ 1280x800 resolution

    I would think those system specs on that laptop you linked would run WoW on Medium settings pretty well.
  4. Yes, it will play WoW on Medium settings for sure. I would even think it may play on high settings with shadows turned back a bit. If that computer has Asus' overclocking software installed (turbo gear extreme) the CPU would overclock by 15% and I'm sure it would run WoW at near ultra settings. I run Cata on ultra with my Asus G72 (C2D @ 2.88ghz, 1gb GeForce GTX 260M, 6gb ddr2) on ultra & get 60FPS in SW & over 50FPS questing with the new content (at least I did during last nights launch).
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