Forget the password for D-Link DIR-615 ROUTER

I believed i've had set up the Admin password and security code for this router ( DIR-615) when I first installed this router @ 2 years ago. But somehow security code seems didn't register. I want to reset the security passcode, but I forgot the Admin's password so I can not get access to the Dlink router to set up. Is there anyway that I can reset new PW or retriew it. If you know how ,please tell me . Your help is greatly appreciate. Thanks!!!
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  1. no way to reset any of the login info if forgotten. only way is to hold the reset for 30 seconds and it will go back to factory settings which you will have to re configure all your security and wireless features
  2. I did the same but to no avail. my router dont allow me to get into it. what should i do?
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