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Thermaltake Aircooler issue..

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January 13, 2001 8:55:10 PM

I recently purchased an AMD TBird 850 as a second computer, and since I'm not interested in overclocking it I just used a generic golden orb cooler. I was shocked that the ASUS probe utility reported my CPU Temp at between 65-75 Celsius. I went out and asked the retailer for a better cooler and he gave me a Thermaltake Aircooler identical to the one that Lord Kyro reviewed in his article on 17 CPU Coolers. He assured me it would bring the CPU temp down to around 55 C. I was skeptical.
When I installed the Thermaltake cooler and rebooted my comp I got a windows protection error. Repeatedly. After rebooting in safe mode I noted that the temperature was the same as the golden orb cooler, perhaps 3-4 degrees cooler. I had removed my RAM to have easier access to install the cooler so I thought perhaps that was what was causing the protection error. I changed the ram, still the same problem. I tried EVERYTHING I could think of, and I kept getting the protection error.
So in my frustration I removed the Thermaltake cooler and replaced my old golden orb -- and my comp booted, no problems!
Now I have two questions maybe someone can help me with:
1. What could possible have caused the protection errors? I'm experienced in working with computers so I dont think that installing the fan was the problem. Has anyone heard of similar problems when installing a CPU cooler? How could it possibly be linked to the operating system besides cpu temperature, and that was the same as with the golden orb.
2. Is ASUS probe a reliable CPU temperature detecting utility?

My system specs are as follows:
AMD TBird 850
384 MB pc133
NVidia Geforce2 GTS
Quantum Fireball KA-18
SBLive 128

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January 13, 2001 9:24:40 PM

Well, I've heard stories of the A7V saving people's cpu's so if you installed the new fan wrong, it may have shut off in protection. Then you reinstalled the old orb correctly and cooled the cpu enough so the A7V would boot. Make sure the new fan/heatsink is mounted properly.

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January 14, 2001 1:38:10 AM

All the orb coolers look really cool but by design perform below standard. Get a global win cooler. However, if you were only running at stock cpu speed, even the orb should have done the job. It would appear that you are not mouning the heatsind to the cpu corectly. Also, take the tape off the heatsink and use a thin layer of thermal paste ( preferably artic silver).

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January 14, 2001 3:48:53 AM

C'mon guys gimme a little bit of credit here....
Both heatsinks were mounted perfectly -- I applied thermal paste for the golden orb both times, and i peeled the tape off of the Thermaltake sink and applied paste to that as well. The sink was applied firmly and evenly and I twisted it around a tiny bit to force out the air pockets from the thermal paste and seat it evenly.
Other than the Asus probe reporting a very high CPU temp I havent had any problems with the comp such as freezing or fatal exception errors, I was just shocked to see it running so hot. Could I possibly have a m/b with a bad thermal sensor? It doesnt sense the temp on the cpu but beneath it on the m/b.

I have no need to overclock the cpu since a 850mhz tbird with nearly 400mb of ram runs everything blazing fast. I only use it for 3d studio max and Half-Life Counter-strike. I just want to rest easy knowing that my processor isnt going to burn to a crisp, and thats hard to do when every time i look at asus probe it tells me my cpu is at 75 degrees -- just 5 degrees shy of the AMD specified temp threshold.

(By the way I know the orb coolers dont rate very well but they should still bring the temp down to between 50-60 degrees C, and I'm in Canada so the global wins are hard to come by. I tried ordering one online for 30 US, which would be almost 50 CAN, but then they told me the shipping would have cost me an additional $44 US so I told them to #%$@ my &%$@. If anyone reading this is in Can and knows where I can lay my hands on a Global Win FOP-38 I'd really appreciate the info.)
January 14, 2001 5:05:06 PM

I don't know about the acuracy of ASUS probe but other messages on these boards indicate there are two different versions which give vastly different readings (about 10 degrees C).

You might look for and download Motherboard Monitor and compare the readings.

How are you set for cooling fans on your case? Do you have at the back near the CPU? You can test the cooling effectiveness of your case by removing the case cover and/or side panels. If your case cooling is really good your CPU will run only a few degrees cooler than with the case closed. If it runs more than, say, 10 degrees cooler with the case open you definetly want to look into improving the case cooling.
January 14, 2001 5:13:45 PM

Maybe the cooler make vibrations... Or it is deffective and fucks power supply... I think your thermometer measures heat in wrong place - i meen that the point that thermometer there is cooler, but some other area of CPU is hotter ... Is you ram somehow interfers with the cooler ?

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