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Conductive Pen Removal?

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January 14, 2001 1:49:10 AM

If I use a conductive pen on my Athlon to close bridges, is it possible to remove the pen and do it again. eg. Let's say I cut ALL bridges, try 1ghz and it works. Then I want to try 1.1ghz, how would I remove the pen?

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January 14, 2001 1:51:44 AM

I don't quite understand. Once you've closed all the bridges you can set your multiplier to anything you want. So if your Athlon is a 1GHz and you use the conductive pen to close all the bridges, you can change the multiplier from 10.0x to 11.0x and see if it works at 1.1GHz.
January 14, 2001 1:56:53 AM

I agree, but to answer the question, I thought those pens were permanent. I have no idea how you would get it off.
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a b à CPUs
January 14, 2001 2:04:34 AM

I'm meaning if I OCed purely by modifying the processor bridges. Recall tom's original socketA OC articles? The 1ghz setting require some bridges to be closed that must be open for 1.1ghz.
January 14, 2001 5:56:02 AM

I saw smth yesterday on, the substance a guy used to remove the carbon, he said then he bought a multiplier glass and did it again, something with pencils, search it

a b à CPUs
January 14, 2001 1:50:27 PM

Yes the l3 is one of the areas I might want to remove conductive pen after I've applied it. I don't know if it's possible to scrape off with a sharp edge or what?
January 14, 2001 5:18:50 PM

Grizely1, Snrub is probably one of those people who don't have a motherboard with selectable multipliers.

By opening and closing the correct combination of L1 bridges you can change the factory locked multiplier to another multiplier. To set yet another multiplier you have to undo your original work. There are 16 combinations, 2^4, for the four L1 bridges allowing multipliers of 5 to 12.5

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January 15, 2001 12:42:20 AM

You're 1/2 right phsstpok. I've got an fic AZ11, which does have MB multiplier adjustments but you have to add it yourself. I don't feel 100% comfortable soldering on 12 pins and 4 wires when I have virutally no soldering experience and I'm clumsy. :)  If for some reason I can't get my current scheme to work I'll end up trying it anyway.

A guy from another message board suggested to me that if you lack the proper cutting equiptment you could take your socket A processor to a jewelry store and have them cut the bridges for you! Then all you'd have to do is fill the gaps in with a conductive pen. Today he told me that it is sort of like solder and all you'd have to do is use a sharp edge and it would come off easily. I figure this will be a very low cost solution with amazing results.
January 15, 2001 12:52:06 AM

Well, I hope it works out for you.

By the way, where did you see a list of the settings for the L1 bridges? I don't need it now because I have a KT7 mobo but it might come in handy later.
January 15, 2001 5:49:48 AM

Thanks a lot, I tried using a rubber to remove the pencil marks and now I have spermicide all over my chip. Some great idea.

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