Help with choosing a new monitor.

not sure which monitor to choose... samsung will only be about 30$ more cause i can go to bestbuy and just pick it up and not have to wait for shipping. is there really any difference or is the brand the only true difference between them? right now i have a samsung syncmaster 2033 20", has worked fine for past 3.5 years with no problems so kinda leaning towards samsung again. with asus i wont be ordering til late thursday night so it wont ship til friday and wont get until probably monday. the samsung i could just go pickup friday evening at the bestbuy store.

Samsung S27B550V 27" Widescreen LED:


Asus VE278Q 27" Widescreen LED:
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  1. I don't find any meaningful differences between them in the specifications.
  2. yeah, found the samsung s27b350h in a nearby store i could just go get for 100$ cheaper, only difference is the mobile hdmi input.. not sure id ever use that. dont really know crap about displays which is why im asking.
  3. That one has fewer inputs than the others, but probably not an issue for most people. However, I see two potentially significant differences between the S27B350H and the others:
    1. The S27B350H has no speakers.
    2. The S27B350H has no VESA mounting holes.
  4. i have my 5.1 logitech speakers, i dont plan on using them cheap built in speakers lol or mounting it to the wall
  5. I don't blame you for not caring about the built-in speakers, but I'd like to mention that VESA mounting holes aren't just for mounting it to the wall; they can also be used with stands to allow height adjustment and pivoting to portrait orientation.
  6. i prolly wont ever make use of them... as i havent with my 20" samsung ive had for 3.5 yrs lol
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