Backup Preinstalled Windows 7 OS?

How do you make a backup copy of a preinstalled installation of Windows 7 on a new laptop that you just received? Thanks!
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  1. "Make windows recovery media."

    Or something like that.
  2. What is the make/model # of your computer?

    You can use either CPU-Z or Speccy to take the guess work out for you.

    Most computer vendors have their own methods of creating recovery media since they have gone green and don't include any with the PC. Get us your specs and we should be able to point you in the direction you need.
  3. The best one I have tried is Acronis. Windows built in one sucks, and usually the oem stuff sucks to.

    Odds are since its a new laptop it probably already has a partition for a backup preinstalled. This wont do any good in case of a hard drive failure though.
  4. The generally accepted "Best in Class"of imaging software is Shadow Protect Desktop,2817,2365691,00.asp

    Others include Norton Ghost (Partition Magic), Acronis, Paragon as wella s a bunch of free utilities like Easus.
  5. I'm three for three with the built in Windows 7 utility, just included Easus as an option.
  6. Go to Programs, Accessories, System Tools then select Backup. You can also get the License key serial number that currently installed on your computer by downloading winkey finder for windows 7. After you get the license, use it on the time you need to reformat again your computer. Or do it with backup software.
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