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I have ASUS A7V motherboard and 1G T-Bird CPU. When you wake the computer up from sleep it the screen comes up with wide lines and it is locked up. Any idea's setup, etc
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  1. As a rule I disable the sleep mode. I have never had a computer where this worked right.
    Are you using the sleep settings in the BIOS or OS? I suggest disabling one of them if you want to use sleep mode.

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  2. what kind of video card do you have.
    I had this problem then someone told me to update my NVidia Drivers to 6.49 or greater and that fixed it.
  3. no, this is a windows bug, sleep mode will almost NEVER work right, and generally it doesnt do crap for ya anyways

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  4. Yes disable the sleep mode, we even do it with the new machines at work

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  5. I never had any trouble with standby mode in Windows 95 but it has never worked in Windows 98SE. The monitor goes to sleep and stays that way.
  6. AMD incompatable with sleep mode? Hmm
    Update your BIOS and video card drivers
    Let us know if you fix it and how.
  7. The only OS that has worked correctly for me (in terms of APM & ACPI power management) is Win2000. Win9x never worked.

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