Mobile AMD Duron

JANUARY 15, 2001--AMD today announced the immediate availability of the Mobile AMD Duron™ processor for notebook PCs.

wow... i did not see this coming... i was thinking around june... good news for AMD. Also on Hard|OCP i saw this

"Also out of the blue is some good news on the DUALLY TBird solution. It seems as if finally the project of getting a board to market has been kicked into high gear and I would have to guess though it will be two months at the minimum before we see dually AMD goodness. It is happening though, but that is all I can tell you at this point."

I am thinking Kyle got a SMP mobo... cant wait to see what happens...


AMD for Life!
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  1. Thank God!!!

    Laptop Land, here i come!!!
  2. What will happen now to K6-2/3 +/- ?

    All i can offer you is the truth. Nothing more.
  3. Finally!

    Now we just need the nVidia GO chips. (I think that's what the mobile geforce chips are called).

    Powerful, affordable laptops!
  4. The Geforce Go, WIll Produce alot of heat and low battery life. a P3 or duron w/ and Ati rage m4 16mb or 32mb are still your safest bet and longer battery life

    Cel 533 - 256mb sdram
    15gb HD - ati radeon 32mb ddr (200/200)
    SB live! mp3+ - win98 Beos
  5. I hop e they will but I am going to reserve judgement until i see how the Power/ heat works out, my PII300 Laptop gets bloody hot and thats not exactly state of the art....

    one of the first UK T-Bird users....
  6. Yeah, I agree. AMD has a <b>lot</b> of catching up to do in the mobile CPU market. I've been curious myself, but I suspect Intel will still kick AMDs butt for some time. Competition-wise, I hope AMD does well, but....

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