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Hi guys,
I just recently built my first computer and now am in the market for a monitor. My system has a GTX680 GPU and my Processor is an i5-37750 I believe.

My question is what should I be looking for in a Monitor. Essentially I want something at a reasonable price that will perform alongside top graphics games. I know the primary measuring sticks I should be looking at are Resolution, and Refresh rate, however, I am not sure about all the other things I run into. I don't see any reason to get a 3d monitor for instance.

If someone could point me in the right direction / suggest any monitors located on Newegg I would be very much appreciative! I just need a starting point of knowledge before making my decision.
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  1. I have done a bit of searching and looking at something like this: ASUS VH232H Glossy Black 23" 5ms Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 ASCR 20000:1 w/Speakers & HDMI

    Any thoughts?
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    I know its odd to say this but a lot of the specs on a monitor just really don't mean anything. A lower response time is better, as is a higher contrast ratio, but sinces there's no real standard which all companies use it's tough to tell which monitor is better simply by looking at the specs. The real specs which are useful are resolution, size (obviously), and panel and backlight type.

    I'd take a look at the Asus VS238H-P, which is what I ended up getting after doing a lot of research (despite what the amazon headline says it does not have integrated speakers.

    It has HDMI and DVI in, tilt on the stand which is pretty decent (the majority of complaints are a flimsy stand, but I don't have an issue with it). Its got a fast response time, nice colors after some calibration, and the LED backlight makes for a slimmer monitor with lower power consumption. As for the panel type (which i mentioned but didn't explain), its is a TN panel which is considered better for gaming (and cheaper), as opposed to the more expensive IPS panel which I would recommend for someone looking to do a lot of professional work that requires accurate colors.

    Would definitely recommend this monitor.
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  4. Thanks man, I appreciate the info and suggestion. I think I just may go with your suggestion as well ;)
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