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Hi everyone!

Hope you can help me, because I'm getting desperated! :(

My Eee PC Flare Series Asus, Windows 7 Starter, has started a System Recovery and it does never finish! I boot it, the Asus logotype appears, then ""Windows is loading files" and then the System Recovery Options tab appears. It has an option for selecting a keyboard input method and says "Next" or "Cancel". If I press cancel it asks me "Are you sure you want to exit and restart your computer?", and this actually resends me to the same point. So, if I press "Next" it starts "Searching for problems". Then it says "Windows cannot repair this computer automatically", and I can choose between "Finish" (the computer shuts down and I must begin again) or "Cancel" ("Are you sure you want to exit Startup Repair and restart your computer?")
So the thing is, anything I do takes me to the same point!! I would appreciate your generous help so much. :) Excuse my English and my expressions, but this is driving me nuts. :(

Oh, btw, I've read some posts of peopole with pretty the same problem. No F5 nor F8 stuff worked for me neither, and I don't have a disk drive (it's a netbook). Thanks.
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  1. Based on what you describe, I would say it sounds like the HDD in the unit has started to fail. You can either replace it yourself if the unit is not under warranty, or send it in for repair. If you replace the drive yourself, you'll have to figure out some way to get an operating system on the unit again, so keep that in mind when making your decision.

    If the unit is under warranty, then you can always send it in for an RMA.
  2. So something's really wrong with my netbook, isn't it? Fortunately it's still under warranty (I bought it in October). I've done the Startup Repair about 30 times (not exagerating), but it's always the same. So I should take it to the place I bought ir, shouldn't I? Or should I contact Asus better? Thanks you.
  3. Probably best to contact Asus, they'll fix it....
  4. zdbc13 said:
    Probably best to contact Asus, they'll fix it....

    I eventually took it to the place I bought it. It's not an official Asus distributor, but I hope they'll save my things. Thank you anyway. :)
  5. Pressing the F9 key of the eepc should give you the option to re install the OS from the installation partition of the HD.
  6. Mount the recovery CD disk on a USB drive. If you don't have the recovery disk and don't absolutely need windows just install unbuntu or mint they both are faster than XP or 7 with mine. Oh, and you need to hold f2 to boot from USB.

    I just wiped and installed W8 pro on an Eepc 1005h I gave to my niece for Christmas.
  7. Oh, I might try to install W8 pro on my netbook.It's said to be much better than W7 (Starter, morover). Well, thank you anyway. I think that what the shopkeeper did was what you've explained. Thank you again.
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