PIII 733 Overclocking?

What is the safest overclocking speed (if any) for a PIII 733, would anyone recomend i try. I have an AOpen AX3S Pro M/Board capable within the BIOS to make changes for Over clocking for the CPU ??? and also What Temperature is also the safest for a PIII 733???
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  1. 733EB is a 133Mhz FSB chip. you need to buy PC150 SDRAM for best results.

    FSB changes are done in BIOS. You should be able to hit 149Mhz FSB or close with PC133 SDRAM. VIA chipsets suck for overclocking IMO

    I am not sure what setting you have on that mobo as far as FSB stepping in Mhz.

    Dont worry about CPU temp too much as long as you have heatsink and fan installed.
  2. Don't worry about heat when overclocking? What is the world coming too?

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  3. You should be able to get the CPU up to 166MHz FSB at 1.75-1.80v without a problem. As to whether or not the rest of your system is stable, flip a coin and try it.

    For cooling I suggest the Globalwin FOP32. For my 700@933 I use the OEM Intel cooler for 933 cpu's (the larger of the two sizes), which is inexpensive, quiet, and adequate, although not quite as good as the FOP32 for cooling. I have used this one up to 1015, where the OEM cooler reached it's limit. At 1029 it overheats.
    You will loose stability around 55C. The processor can withstand higher temperatures than that, but you won't see them long before your system locks. PIII's have built in thermal protection. For stability I suggest that you keep your CPU temp under 40C at idle and 50C max under a full load.

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  4. Tempus, if you didn't notice he is build a Intel based machine, not a AMD.

    Average HSF will do fine with the EB chips. At least he doesnt have to buy a GFD, solder crap, upgrade PSU, pencil in jumpers and pray.
  5. Yes, and Mushkin carries memory garrunteed Cas2 at 150MHz. It should go much higher if set to Cas3 in Bios.

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  6. What the hell is wrong with you FUGGER!!!??? Don't worry about the temp!?!? Why do you think company's like Kryo exist??? The cooler the chip is, the faster it performs and the more stable. Don't quit your day job.

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