Dark squiggly line forming on left side of screen, HP ZR24w

I have had the zR24w for over a year, from HP, 24 inch. Just recently I noticed this dark-ish, thin squiggly line running down the left side of my screen.
It is pretty faint, but it is still annoying & I'm worried it will get worse. I'm wondering if I should look into my warranty or if maybe I can even fix it myself. I'm not sure what is causing it though since it is a pretty thin line. This monitor was very expensive, so I'd like to do something about this problem one way or another. It gets much easier to see the line on lighter backgrounds. I'm curious if it could even be some sort of dirt build up that I can clean.

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  1. If it's in warranty, replace it. I have seen this issue happen to IPS screens. Have a ton of LG models with this issue.
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