Is it possible that you have an activated microsoft office pro plus 2010 and tri

i have microsoft office 2010 professional plus already been activated and it is just i found out lately that i do have an existing trial version of microsoft office 2010 professional separately and i really dont have an idea how this is happened. please help me. do i have to remove the trial product? will this cause errors to my computer? i desperately need some help. thank you.
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  1. Are you getting errors now with the trial version installed? Why do you desperately need to uninstall it?

    If it does cause a problems when you remove the trial suite, don't worry about it just remove both of them and reinstall the full copy. MS lets you activate an Office license at least 5 times even on different computers.
  2. You don't have to, but no point in leaving the trial software there if you already have the full version. You shouldn't have any errors keeping both, or at least i can't imagine the trial version somehow conflicting with the full version.

    Just go into control panel go to "uninstall a program" and select the trial version for uninstallation.
  3. Hi

    Did your PC come with a Trial version of Office which you activated ?

    Do you have a CD containing MS Office Profesional ?

    are you looking at entry in 'Programs & Features' or elseware ?

    If you have a Trial Version which you converted to starter version with Word & Excel only you may still see trial version short cuts

    don't delete / un-install anything until you know what you are doing


    Mike Barnes
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