Laptop screen wont turn on

Hi i have a COMPAQ Presario CQ50 laptop and when i plug the power cord in and hit the start button the led lights on the entire laptop come on and i can hear the fan running like the laptop is on but the screen stays black doesnt come on at all ive tried unplugging everything and holding the start button for 60 sec and then plugging everything back in but it didnt work.

so i was wandering if anyone had any ideas i could do to fix it
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  1. Try connecting an external monitor -- if that works, the problem may be with the laptop screen hardware. In any case check that Windows display settings do not exceed the resolution of the laptop screen -- disconnect external monitor and try restarting the computer in Windows Safe Mode (press F8 before Windows starts).

    If no result, try shining a torch at the laptop screen while it's running -- if able to see something -- suggests that the screen and video cuircuitry are okay but the screen illumination has failed.
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