Windows 7 regedit, .exe problem

Hello, I have a virus.
Upon startup my computer has rundll32.exe problems and registry problems. I have tried about 5 different methods to open the registry or edit it but none have worked so far.
I cannot open any .exe files.
The computer is brand a refurb, new to me, with Windows 7 Pro just installed on it. I was downloading software onto it and after updating and shutting down, I started getting all these errors. I have Malware Bytes installed on it. However, I have no way of running any programs.
What is the solution to this problem?
Thanks in advanced.
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  1. Reinstall windows.
  2. Hi :)

    BUY a Norton Internet Security 2013 Disc and BOOT from it...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. You don't mention any exact error message, just saying you cant run programs or edit the registry. Are you sure, the win7 pro is activated and genuine?
  4. 2 ways to fix this, as this virus mostly affects only the current user.

    step 1 download Fixncr.reg so that you can run exe's
    step 2 run malware bytes (make sure it is updated an antivirus is only as good as its definitions
    step 3 turn off system restore and then turn it back on so that all the old restore points are gone.
    if you have a rouge av installed let us know so we can get you removal instructions
  5. the second way
    if you have another admin account just delete the current user profile.
  6. Hmm I never thought to delete the other user. Thanks, I will try that right now.
  7. youll notice if you log on as another user the .exe's will work. its not so much a virus as a user witout admin rights can get affected, is more like user customization to not work.
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