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I was asked to reinstall an Windows 7 for my friend. She has a Sony Vaio notebook, so I've decided to stick with the system recovery software. I've created a new partition in Windows to backup the data, setting its size to roughly 100 GB and copied the things that she wanted (they took around 15 GB of space). After that I've run the recovery app. Using it I've made another backup of the data (just for precaution), and clicked, well, "Next". What happened is that the recovery application restored the system to the previous state - it removed the partition I've created for the backup. What can I do now to get it back?

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  1. Nothing. Your only real hope would be to run some kind of file recovery program, but after all the activity associated with restoring the system, I'd say there's little to no chance that any significant number of files would be recoverable. So lucky for your friend that you made that second backup.
  2. When you simply delete a partition and do nothing else with it, you can usually retrieve it with third-party software.

    However, in your case you have done a factory recovery which has now overwritten that partition with new data, destroying the data that was there before.

    Unfortunately, if your friend was not in the habit of keeping regular backups, the data is gone.
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