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I have had nothing but problems with laptop. They finally did a free warranty fix after about 11 months of phone calls and trouble shooting. Still the lap top has had problems with blue screen freezing when watching videos etc. I wiped out all my data and returned to factory condition. For one day it worked right. I installed Norton and my word 2010 and it is having major problems again. Norton says my memory is low but it can't be it is relatively new but not under warranty. I am in the middle of a semester in graduate school and am living on loans I do not have money to take in for repairs but this is killing me it keeps crashing and when I went to install updates it said the ATI driver can't update their is a problem with it the whole thing blue screened again and I just turned it off. I have homework deadlines and this is driving me crazy. I need help and have to fix myself due to fact that I have no money.
Any one have any suggestions?
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  1. For us to help you we'll need more info about the details of your laptop. Manufacturer, Model, etc. Thanks.
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