I3-370m & 4GB vs i5-460m & 2GB

it is an asus k42 laptop, and it comes with hd7320m,2gb dd31066 ram,and either i3 370m or 460m.Now the i3 with 2gb memory upgrade to 4gb is going to cost nearly as much as the i5 with stock 2gb.
My intention is to game with this laptop and i cant afford still higher systems.
which of the 2 systems is preferable?is the i5 really going to effect gaming considerably tat i should be going for it?
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  1. if the i5 is 460m or above then it is better than i3 370m. But you will need dedicated gpu(atleast 5470) to be able to play games smoothly on low/med graphics settings.
  2. And yeah i5 will effect games by 4,5 fps and more if graphics is lowered
  3. raza is right.
    The difference between those CPUs isn't much in gaming.It seems this notebook has Intel GMA HD card which is a low-end card for gaming,so consider a laptop with at least
    HD 5650M/GT 425M for gaming.
  4. its got hd5730m guys not intel GMA...definately best gpu in its price..i do know gpu means more so am goin for either of these wher only difference is one has i3 370m and other i 3 460m
  5. How much is the price difference ?
  6. simple, go with i5 460M, it will not give you much boost in gaming but a good boost in programs and normal computing.
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