Where can i download for nfs the run,mine is Russian

Please help me =(
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  1. Just googling will provide you locations for the file(s).

    BTW, I would be very careful with those sites, many of them are questionable.
  2. Ya thanks i tried it but Cant get a proper site. I need n direct link. Plz
  3. You do realize that you are looking for an illegal copy of the software and that is why you are having trouble finding it?

    Dropped the hint, but you didn't catch it.

    Tom's Forums do not support any form of software piracy. Time to shell out the $$$ and buy the game legally.

    No further help can be provided.
  4. Yes i know. My disc got scrached very badly (due to my children)and now its unuseable but in any case thanks for your help
  5. If that is the case, contact the game manufacturer and ask for a replacement.
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