Corsair 1500 Headset - Not Working Need Help

So I just took it out, plugged it into the front USB port in my desktop (also tried the back ones).

I downloaded the latest driver (1.1) and restarted my PC.

My headset isn't working, is there anything I need to do in the corsair headset control panel?

This is what the control panel looks like, and the Corsair device in device managers.

An additional note is that, when I change my volume, and you hear that high pitch ding sound - that comes through my headphone speakers. However, nothing else really comes through my headphone speakers (I think when windows shuts down that also comes through the headphones)
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  1. Also, on my device manager, it says that 'this device is working properly' for my corsair usb headset o.O

    Can any genius help me out here? :D
  2. Set the USB headset as your default sound device?
  3. By default sound device, do you mean:

    I change it to corsair 1500, but my speakers from my monitor still... 'overwrite' it, and is still the sound even when I change it to the headset.
  4. I can't see the screen shot. It's too small.
  5. Pyree said:
    I can't see the screen shot. It's too small.

    Basically, when you click the volume on the bottom right, I clicked the drop down arrow and clicked 'Speakers (Corsair Vengeance 1500)

    However, sound still comes out through my monitor speakers... o.O

    (Which are plugged into the back of my desktop - the motherboard backplate)
  6. I think that is just to select which device's volume you are changing. To select default device, you need to right click on the speaker icon>playback devices>right click on your USB headphone>set as default device.
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