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I am looking into getting a new ,puter and I am leaning towards a AMD but I would like to know more about the differences between sse and 3dnow. Is one better than the other? Will one serve me better in the future? Any help or directions to helpful articles would be most appreciated.

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  1. SSE is some additional instructions Intel put into P3s and 3Dnow! is the same thing but for AMD chips. They both help with graphics and sound code and need direct support from software developers to make any difference. Nearly all software (games) I've seen support both, but there's no indication of how much they are supported beyond "just enough to get the logo on the box". Unless you know you are going to be running software that really uses one more than the other I would concentrate on other issues in my choice.
  2. I must agree with Alex .. But i would like to add that AMD will go to sse2 (p4) in the near future. In other words the 3dnow instructions will become obsolete..
    But dont let your choice depend on just this feature. There are far more important issues to consider. The best price/performance ratio at this moment has to be AMD by far. You can argue about the stability issues if you compare Intel CPu`s and Amd Cpu`s, but in my opinion based on experience currently both run very stable. Also what are you going to use the pc for ??
    What operatingn system do you plan on running ? What do you want to spend on it.
    It might be wise to read the latest Tomas Pabst article on this.. where he is building his dream pc..

    Hey man i dont know .. i just think i do !!
  3. More software is optimise for SSE than 3DNow but they are both used lots. I personally own Athlons and Pentiums and at the moment if I was to buy a new system it would be another Athlon, but judge for yourself on your usage of the PC, have a look at the benchmarks here and on other sites to get an overall picture of what would be best for you.


    PS buy your chip about 2-4 steps back form the state of the art that way you will not pay through the nose for the newest tech that you don't really need.

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  4. Another great point to slam AMD.

    Intel is always putting new instructions in the CPU (MMX, SSE, SSE2) = Intel owners getting more technology for the money. knowing whats inside that your paying extra for.

    While AMD is currently working on putting SSE2 into the new CPUs because 3Dnow is a failure and is getting kicked to the curb. (Ill make a new thread for hammer line, the BIG Joke you might not know yet) What does this mean? If AMD wants to remain competitive in Intel space they must conform to that standard because the industry builds to Intel spec and AMD must bow. AMD budget is spent on copy Intel stratagy. and screw new technology.

    Intel = black angus steak
    AMD = Tofu burger with steak sauce

    You get what you pay for.

    What makes AMD users so stupid is that they invest money in a company that thrives off making a product that is a copy of another. Not invseting it in the copany the leads the industry.

    Intel is not in the business of making a AMD compatable CPU.

    Enjoy your tofu burger.
  5. Quote:
    3Dnow is a failure and is getting kicked to the curb

    3DNow! is not a failiure. MS DirectX 6 and above contain code optimised for it, and so do the GeForce and Voodoo gfx drivers. By incorperating the instructions into the api's, the individual packages don't need to do it themselves. The same is true of SSE, so they're both good.

    The P3 does perform slightly faster in 3D games, but considering you can get Athlons much cheaper, the equivilent Athlon at the same price will outperform a P3 in everything.

    No-one has optimised for SSE2 yet (I think) although ppl will soon (ok, FlasK is), and it remains to be seen how good it really is. It's not an issue when comparing P3's and Athlons though, cos niether have it.

    What makes AMD users so stupid is that they invest money in a company that thrives off making a product that is a copy of another

    What about support for DDR memory? I'm sure Intel will be very interested in copying this very shortly. The Hammer will be the first 64bit mainstream processor (I don't count Alpha, IA-64 or G4 as mainstream, sorry).

    What about PowerNow! That's much better than a "a-600MHz-mobile-P3-which-actually-runs-at-300MHz-when-mobile" Intel solution. What about Duron? A budget processor that actually performs, and isn't just another processor with bits lopped off (i.e. original Celeron had no L2, current Celeron has 66MHz less bus speed).

    I really think you ought to write from an informed viewpoint (yawn).
  6. There is more to a Cpu then Instructions, the Athlon has a better FPU then the P3 or P4. The P4 is needs SSE2 to make it look good because of it's bad FPU.
  7. You must have no life, a small penis, or both. Every time I read a post by you, all you are doing is slamming AMD and making fun of others posts. There is probably a post by you in every forum talking the same old trash. You never have anything intelligent or helpful to say. The funny thing is that the longer you post crap like this, the less attention you are going to get. You do not impress me at all. I'm sure plenty of others feel the same way, regardless of what they tell you. By the way, sarcasm is not an acceptable substitute for intelligence, but apparently it's the only substitute you have...... Please find something productive to do with your life.
  8. Lexington, sorry to insult your supreme intelect.
    I visit this forum, and only this forum maybe once a day for 10 ~ 15 minutes. I cannot sit on my ass all day and follow up to all the lame replies from gimps like yourself, but for you I will make this exception.

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    I post the truth and it hurts you in some way. You gotta learn to deal with it and post something rational at least disprove me in any manner. try links or known facts, that usually works best.

    Whiners like you are very annoying. try to stay on topic next time, if your even capable of that.
  9. Fugger, you didn't insult anybody. All you do is give me a good laugh. You don't piss me off in the least, because you are so one sided and off base that I know better than to give anything you say a second thought. You post the truth and it hurts me huh? All you post is an extremely one-sided opinion. If you stated some facts yourself, there would be something to disprove moron. I read a post from you earlier saying you could build a system just like Tom's with a P3 cheaper than he could with an Athlon. You complained that he didn't post any prices for the system. The funny thing is, you didn't either. You say things but don't back them up. I suggested that you have a small penis, because you seem insecure about something, otherwise you wouldn't always be lashing out at everyone that posts anything with the letters AMD in the message somewhere. Maybe you're not as confident in your "Intel Inside" as you pretend to be? I use my processor of choice, and don't belittle everyone that chooses something different. Since you only visit this forum for a limited time each day I'll leave you alone now, so you can find someone to *bitch* at before you have to log off. As for staying on topic, I have. The topic has been me letting you know what I think of you. I have and now I leave you to do as you please. You can reply and say whatever you want, I have gotten a good laugh from your stupidity and do not wish to waste any more time on you.
  10. My God Fugger, you sound so defensive. Do you have AMD envy? I wouldn't blame you. A company that has a thinner corporate structure, capable of reacting quickly to the market (AMD), which is reaping the benefit of the engineers leaving Intel, and which has the leisure to release their new technology only when it is economically feasable rather than making poor modifications to their processors (eg. making a longer pipeline just to increase clock speed) to keep up with the competition, is an enviable company.

    At the molecular level I'm realy quite busy.
  11. Lets just say that the Athlon is not a copy of an intel CPU, but AMD do have to follow intels Standards to a large extent as they have to share the 20% of the market with others, this however may not always be the case and we have seen Intel make some big screw up's in recent time, They got beaten to the magic 1Ghz and made a paper release to try to make amends , releaased the 1.13 with problems. By the same token they seem to be making a much better job of the P4.

    Either way you look at it both AMD and Intel users are benifiting form the fight, I mean would you see the drastic intel Price cuts we are seeing now if it wasn't for AMD..... I don't think so.
    So Fugger even if you do hate AMD YOU have something to thank them for so.

    I have no brand loyalty and of you have YOU are the stupid one so look a little more objectivly at the situation before you fire off...


    one of the first UK T-Bird users....
  12. Lexington I could not bare to read through your whine completely, sorry. your too pathetic to even reply too anymore.

    Much better things to do than muse a whiner like you.
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