LJ65 Lights on but nobodys home

I hope this is the right place to post this. I have a Packard Bell Easynote LJ65-DT-100UK which has stopped working. I was out of the room & when I came back in the lights were on but there was no video. I rebooted it & it switches on & the fan can be heard but a lot quieter than normal but nothing else, no beeps, nothing. Running it to an external monitor also gives nothing.
I took it to a computer shop & was quoted £350 to fit a new motherboard to which I declined. They were talking about the gfx chip being on the motherboard so I can only think they didnt even open it up & have a look because it isnt.
I can order a motherboard myself & fit it but they are £230 just for the board & I have a feeling it may be the graphics card which is an ATI HD4750. I would have thought if it were the motherboard then it would just be toally dead. Can anyone offer some advice on this please?
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  1. Usually the GPU is soldered onto the motherboard, so if it is a bad GPU, you'll have to go with a whole new motherboard.
  2. Hi,
    thanks for your reply. The GPU is most definitely not part of the motherboard on this laptop. Its an MXM gfx board I believe & it slots into the board next to the CPU fan.
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