Laptop screen won't turn on

Hello there. I'm currently in need of some assistance.
My friend is having problems with her laptop and I would like to know if someone could lend some advice else she will have no computer or other means of contact.

The problem is that when the laptop is booted, it powers up and acts as if it's working, however the screen has no picture. No 'No Signal' message, no flickering, just no display. The laptop is a Packard Bell Easynote, and I believe the model is MIT-RHEA-C

Any help would be much appreciated as this is rather urgent.

Thanks in advance to whomever may be able to lend a hand :) .
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  1. Do you have a spare monitor you can connect the laptop to? If so you can at least determine if it's a broken screen.

    I assume it's got a VGA output in the back somewhere. So plug it into the monitor and make sure monitor is set to VGA input if it's not auto detect.

    Also, you'd need a keyboard command to switch it to dual monitor. Usually Fn F7, though may be different on that model.

    Besides that, not really much you can do to diagnose Laptop issues without spare parts and opening it up.
  2. Unfortunately the only monitor accessible has the wrong kind of lead set. This laptop is rather old, and the only monitor is fairly new so the lead doesn't fit in both.

    Is there any other possible fix?
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