VPCF11M1E formatting without windows 7 cd

I have a vaio laptop VPCF11M1E and i want to format it. I do not have the cd with the windows 7.
Can I format my laptop without a windows cd?
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  1. You will need another program that can offer formatting. A bootable CD or DVD that has a low-level formatting program would be better, as it erases the data from the HDD and restores it to a factory clean state. You can go online and search for Killdisk, there you can download the image and burn a CD with killdisk on it. Boot the laptop from the CD and follow the instructions on the screen.
    Alternatively, you could remove the HDD from the laptop, put it in an external enclosure, mount it on another PC as an external drive and format it there. Remember that simple formatting does not destroy the data on the disk, so if you have any personal info on the laptop I would suggest a low-level format. I always do that with my old HDDs before recycling them into other systems or using them as external storage.
    You could install Killdisk on that other PC and after mounting the HDD as external you could run killdisk on that HDD. That is in case you don't want to burn a bootable CD with the program on it. Personal preference.
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